Six Arm Exercises That Produce Great Results

It is not how hard or how long you train that will build strong and sculpted arm muscles. The trick is to choose arm exercises specifically designed to produce the exact results that you want.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started your arm exercises or you have been doing it for years, the following moves will give you dramatic results. Give them a try and see just how your arm muscles respond. Keep doing these exercises and pretty soon, you will see the difference.

1. Chin Ups

Chin ups are regarded by many as a form of back exercise. Considering that one function of the biceps is supination, chin ups are exactly the exercises that you need, since you have to have your palms facing you when you grab the bar.

Most weight lifters experienced noticeable growth in their biceps by specializing in chin ups and reducing their curls. As you try pulling your body up until your chin is over the bar, your biceps will really experience an overload. Chin ups are also safer compared to adding more weight on your barbell.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl

With this exercise, your arms will be able to have an extended range of motions. The incline forces your arm muscles to reach and stretch behind your torso. You can shorten these motion ranges if you want to reduce the muscle stress, but your results will be compromised.

3. Skullcrushers

These arm exercises have always been a major part of the workout routines of many bodybuilders. By using more weight, you will be building your arm muscles faster. Just see to it that the increases in weights are done gradually so your muscles can gradually get accustomed to them.

4. Hammer Curl

If you really want to work your brachialis, you need to incorporate hammer curls in your arms exercises. They are so effective in building the arm muscles that a very popular strength coach called it the “workhorse” of the elbow flexors.

Your brachialis is really small and it is hidden under your biceps therefore they don’t seem to be very important in the development of your arm muscles. But don’t be deceived by its seemingly puny size, because it is really much bigger than it looks.

The point is: if you strive to build your brachialis, it will be able to push your biceps outward and upward. If that happens, your arms will look like they are thicker and bigger.

5. Dip

A well-known exercise physiologist, in his book Targeted Bodybuilding, wrote that doing dip is the best forms of exercises for the triceps. He cited MRI scans that show how it works on the three heads of the triceps with maximum results.

Incidentally, prisoners who are into bodybuilding also have high regard in this form of exercise. They call triceps ‘back arms’ in such places, and know that dip is the best way to build these back arms.

Integrating dips into your arm exercises is your way to go because they have always been a part of bodybuilding routines of most athletes and bodybuilders.

6. Overhead Rope Triceps Extension

This form of arm exercise is friendly to your elbows. As it is, there are those who have problems in getting results from their triceps exercises using free weight extensions because the weight they are using no longer provide the right resistance.

But by doing the overhead rope triceps extension, they can experience the continuous tension on their triceps, even when their arms are already in the top position. Additionally, this exercise helps to develop a good mind muscle connection. Be sure to check out your local fitness gym such as LA Fitness or Planet Fitness so you can start on these workouts soon as possible.

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