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Updated: July 07, 2024

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Are you considering getting into shape and wondering about CKO Kickboxing prices, membership fees, and the various options available? CKO Kickboxing, a well-known fitness brand, offers high-intensity kickboxing classes designed to help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals.


Membership Options

MONTHLY w/ a 1 year minimum$139.99
MONTHLY w/ a 3 month minimum$199.99
Monthly w/ a 5 month minimum$179.99
CKO ATTACK 5 Pack$165.00
CKO Attack 25 Pack$775.00
Drop In for non CKO member$35.00
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About CKO Kickboxing

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about CKO Kickboxing membership cost, including the various membership types, their associated costs, and any additional benefits you can expect.

CKO Kickboxing Prices

Here’s a breakdown of CKO Kickboxing prices and membership costs:


  • One Club Access
    • Initiation Fee: $49.99
    • Monthly Fee: $89.99
    • Cancellation Fee: $199.99


  • One Club Access
    • Initiation Fee: $49.99
    • Annual Fee: $1,079.99
    • Cancellation Fee: $199.99

Please note that CKO Kickboxing prices and fees may vary based on your location. To get the most accurate pricing information, it’s recommended to contact your local CKO Kickboxing studio directly.

How Much Does a CKO Kickboxing Class Cost?

The cost of attending a CKO Kickboxing class can vary depending on the location and the membership options. Generally, a single class can range from $15 to $25.

Monthly membership fees typically range from $100 to $200, offering unlimited access to classes. Discounts may be available for military personnel, students, or first responders at certain locations. To get specific pricing details and any available promotions or discounts, it’s best to inquire at your local CKO Kickboxing studio.

Initiation Fee for CKO Kickboxing

Some CKO Kickboxing studios may charge an initiation fee for new members. The initiation fee can vary based on the location, but it typically falls within the range of $50 to $100. This one-time fee covers the cost of setting up your membership account and may include any necessary equipment like gloves or hand wraps. To get precise initiation fee information for your desired location and membership, please contact your local CKO Kickboxing studio.

Additional Fees Associated with CKO Kickboxing Memberships

CKO Kickboxing memberships may come with additional fees, which can include equipment rental fees, late cancellation fees, personal training session fees, and other charges. It’s essential to inquire directly with your local studio to get a complete list of any additional charges that could be added to your membership. Having awareness of these fees in advance will help you budget for your CKO Kickboxing membership effectively and avoid any unexpected costs.

Cost of Prepaid Memberships at CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing may offer prepaid memberships at certain locations, which often come at a discounted rate compared to monthly subscriptions. The cost of a prepaid membership can vary depending on the length of the membership and the studio location. Typically, you can expect to pay between $200 and $600 for prepaid memberships ranging from 3 to 12 months. To get detailed information about prepaid membership plans and prices, it’s advisable to contact your local CKO Kickboxing studio.

Cancellation Policy for CKO Kickboxing Memberships

The cancellation policy for CKO Kickboxing memberships can vary from one location to another. Some studios may require advance notice before you can cancel your membership, while others may allow cancellation at any time without a fee. To understand the cancellation policy in place at your local studio, it’s essential to reach out to them directly. Knowing the rules upfront will help you avoid any unexpected charges or penalties for canceling your membership.

Cancellation Policy for CKO Kickboxing Classes

The cancellation policy for CKO Kickboxing classes can also differ depending on the specific studio location. Some locations may require a set amount of time before a class can be canceled, while others may allow class cancellations up to a certain period before the class begins without incurring a cost. We recommend reaching out to your local CKO Kickboxing studio to get clarity on their specific class cancellation policies. Understanding these rules in advance will help you manage your class attendance and avoid any potential fees or charges for missed sessions.

Membership Options Available at CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing offers various membership options to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are some of the available membership types:

  • Drop-In Classes: With this option, you can pay for individual classes without committing to a full membership.
  • Monthly Membership: This membership allows you to attend a set number of classes per month at a fixed cost.
  • Annual Membership: An annual membership provides a discounted rate when you pay for an entire year of unlimited classes upfront.
  • Family Membership: Designed for families, this membership offers a discount for multiple family members.
  • Corporate Membership: Tailored for businesses and organizations, corporate memberships come with reduced rates for employees.

Keep in mind that the availability and terms of these membership options can vary by location. Contact your local CKO Kickboxing studio to get specific information on membership choices, pricing, and availability.

Family Memberships at CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing offers family memberships that allow multiple family members to participate in classes at a discounted rate. The cost of a family membership can vary depending on the number of participants and the location. On average, you can expect to pay around $199 per month for a family membership that includes two people. Pricing may fluctuate based on the location and the number of family members included in your membership. If you’re interested in a family membership, we recommend reaching out to your local CKO Kickboxing studio to get precise pricing and membership options. A family membership is an excellent choice for families looking to prioritize fitness and health together while enjoying the benefits of working out as a group.

Corporate Memberships at CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing also offers corporate memberships for businesses and organizations. Corporate memberships typically come with reduced rates for employees and serve as a fantastic way to promote fitness and wellness in the workplace. The cost of corporate membership varies depending on the number of employees and the location. On average, you can expect to pay around $79 per employee per month for a corporate membership. To explore corporate membership options and pricing, contact your local CKO Kickboxing studio or visit the company’s website. Corporate memberships can be a valuable investment for companies looking to encourage their employees to maintain physical fitness and overall well-being.

Age Restrictions for CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing enforces age restrictions to ensure the safety of its members. In most locations, individuals must be at least 18 years old to join. However, some studios may offer classes tailored for teenagers and children. To determine the age requirements and available class options at your local CKO Kickboxing studio, it’s essential to inquire directly. CKO Kickboxing classes are designed to accommodate various fitness levels, and no prior experience is necessary. The instructors at CKO Kickboxing are trained to adapt exercises to suit different fitness levels and abilities. If you have an existing medical condition or injury, we recommend consulting with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Putting Your CKO Kickboxing Membership on Hold

Certain CKO Kickboxing studios may allow members to put their membership on hold for a specific duration. This can be helpful if you need to take breaks from classes for medical or personal reasons. The specific rules for placing your membership on hold can vary depending on your location, so we advise you to contact your local studio for more information. Keep in mind that there might be limitations or fees associated with putting your membership on hold, so it’s crucial to review the terms in your contract with the studio before making any changes.

Transferring Your CKO Kickboxing Membership

Certain CKO Kickboxing locations may permit you to transfer your membership to another facility. This is an excellent option if you’re planning to move or are unable to attend classes at your current location due to unforeseen circumstances. However, it’s important to check with your local studio to understand the specific rules and any potential fees associated with transferring your membership. Before making any modifications to your membership, be sure to discuss the possibility of transferring with your local CKO Kickboxing studio.

Duration of a CKO Kickboxing Class

Most CKO Kickboxing classes typically run for approximately one hour. The exact duration may vary based on the studio’s location and class format. CKO Kickboxing workouts typically involve a combination of bodyweight exercises, kickboxing, boxing, shadowboxing, cardiovascular training, and strength training. Instructors guide students through various techniques and exercises during classes, ensuring they accommodate participants of all fitness levels. To prepare for a CKO Kickboxing class, wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and bring along a water bottle and a towel. Some CKO Kickboxing locations offer a free trial class for first-time attendees. To check if your local studio offers a free trial class, please inquire directly.

Signing Up for CKO Kickboxing Classes or Membership

To sign up for CKO Kickboxing classes or join the membership, you can visit the company’s website or contact the studio in your area. Some studios offer online class registration through the CKO Kickboxing app. When you’ve selected a location and class, you’ll have the option to create an account and enroll in classes online. Keep in mind that some studios may provide a free trial class for first-time visitors. To find out if this offer is available at your preferred location, we recommend reaching out to your local CKO Kickboxing studio.

Trying a CKO Kickboxing Class Before Membership

Yes, CKO Kickboxing offers a free trial class for first-time customers. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the classes and determine if they align with your fitness goals before committing to a membership. To check if a free trial class is available at your preferred location, contact your local studio. Keep in mind that some studios may have a limited number of spots for free classes, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

Special Discounts and Offers at CKO Kickboxing

CKO Kickboxing regularly offers special discounts and promotions throughout the year. These promotions can include reduced rates for membership, free trial classes, referral discounts, and more. To stay informed about the latest offers and promotions, visit the company’s official website, follow their social media pages, or sign up for their email newsletter. Additionally, inquire with your local studio, as they may have their own unique discounts and promotions.

CKO Kickboxing Equipment and Facilities

CKO Kickboxing studios provide a range of equipment and facilities for kickboxing workouts:

  • Punching Bags: These large bags are specifically designed for kicks and punches. They are typically made from synthetic or leather materials and filled with foam to cushion the impact of strikes.
  • Gloves: Kickboxing gloves with padding are used during workouts. These gloves are typically made from synthetic or leather materials and offer wrist and hand protection.
  • Hand Wraps: These pieces of fabric are worn under gloves to protect wrists and hands. Hand wraps are usually made of stretchy, adjustable fabric to accommodate different hand sizes.
  • Shin Guards: These padded protectors are worn on the shins to prevent injuries. They are typically made of foam or other cushioning materials and are secured with elastic bands.
  • Mats: Cushioned mats are used for training and sparring. They are generally constructed from foam or other flexible materials designed to absorb the impact of hits and falls.
  • Lockers: Secure storage spaces where you can store your personal belongings during your workout. Lockers are usually found in the locker rooms and come with locks for added security.
  • Showers: These are facilities that allow you to wash and rinse off your body after your training session. Showers typically include both cold and hot water.
  • Changing Rooms: Changing rooms are areas where you can change into your workout gear and store your personal belongings. They often include showers and lockers for added convenience.

CKO Kickboxing Membership Benefits and Privileges

When you become a CKO Kickboxing member, you gain access to several benefits and privileges designed to enhance your fitness journey. These may include:

  • Access to Facilities: You can use the club’s facilities during regular operating hours, which may include gyms, training areas, and changing rooms. This flexibility allows you to work out on your schedule.
  • Professional Instruction: CKO Kickboxing provides guidance from certified and trained coaches. These professionals help you improve your skills, refine your technique, and work toward your fitness goals.
  • Group Training: As a member, you can participate in group training sessions with fellow members. These sessions offer a great opportunity to learn from each other, motivate one another, and enjoy the camaraderie of training together.
  • Personalized Training: Members may have access to individualized training sessions with a coach. These sessions are tailored to address your specific fitness goals and needs, accommodating your personal fitness level.
  • Special Events: CKO Kickboxing often hosts special events such as tournaments, demonstrations, or workshops. These events provide an excellent opportunity to push yourself, showcase your abilities, and benefit from interactions with other members.
  • Special Discounts: Members may be eligible for special discounts on products, services, and other items related to CKO Kickboxing. These discounts can help you save money and get more value from your membership.
  • Referral Rewards: As a CKO Kickboxing member, you may have the chance to earn referral rewards by inviting your friends and family to join CKO Kickboxing. These rewards may come in the form of credit, discounts, or other benefits.

Overall, a CKO Kickboxing membership offers a variety of advantages and privileges to help you maximize the benefits of your training and reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, stay in shape, or simply have fun, CKO Kickboxing provides something for everyone.

Final Words

At CKO Kickboxing, it’s not just about instructors and students; it’s about fostering a sense of community where you can meet new people and exercise with others. The support and encouragement you receive from this community can ensure that you remain committed to your fitness journey and achieve your goals. So, if you’re seeking an engaging and effective way to get fit, CKO Kickboxing offers a comprehensive solution that includes professional instruction, group training, specialized events, and various membership options to meet your needs.

CKO Kickboxing offers a welcoming environment where people of all fitness levels can enjoy the numerous health benefits of kickboxing. These benefits range from improved cardiovascular endurance and increased muscle strength to enhanced balance, coordination, and self-confidence. Whether you’re aiming to shed a few pounds or boost your overall well-being, CKO Kickboxing provides a supportive and energetic atmosphere that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

In summary, CKO Kickboxing is an ideal choice for individuals looking to get in shape, boost their self-esteem, and lead a healthier lifestyle. With numerous membership options, flexible schedules, and the support of a vibrant community, CKO Kickboxing makes it easier than ever to kickstart your fitness journey.

To know more about CKO Kickboxing prices and membership costs in your area, you may visit their official website.

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