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September, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Search aggregators are a great way to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s information on Timbuktu or fitness classes in New York City. Where health club aggregators are concerned, ClassPass is the best there is, so far.

Below are the latest ClassPass prices.

Item Price

Available plans on ClassPass

Price Per Month

Includes 6 credits to book up to 2 classes (Per Person) $15.00
Includes 23 credits to book up to 8 classes (Per Person) $49.00
Includes 38 credits to book up to 13 classes (Per Person) $79.00
Includes 68 credits to book up to 24 classes (Per Person) $139.00
Includes 100 credits to book up to 35 classes (Per Person) $199.00
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In 2008, Payal Kadakia thought about creating a combination reservation system and search engine for fitness classes. His inspiration came from his futile online search for open ballet classes in New York City.

But it wasn’t until June 2012 when Kadakia launched Classtivity. In January 2014, it was rebranded into its current name, ClassPass.

Today, ClassPass is considered as the world’s largest health and fitness club aggregator with continued partnerships with more than 8,500 clubs in numerous cities around the world. Name your requirements in a gym, fitness club, or health club and you will likely find two or more that meet them.

ClassPass receives discounts from health clubs, a privilege given to it by these establishments in exchange for the latter’s opportunity to increase its customer base.

Services Offered

Take note that Class Pass is a subscription service that allows individuals interested in finding the best fitness workouts and classes in whatever city they want. Basically, every Class Pass user can access one of several packages of classes – the current packages are three, five and ten classes per month – that can then be applied in any of the participating fitness clubs or gyms.

The classes cover a wide range of fitness workouts from the popular to the niche so there’s always something for every need and want. These include kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, strength training, martial arts, barre, boxing, indoor cycling, aqua-cycling, and aerial yoga.

The prices vary between cities. In Saint Louis, for example, a 2-class package can cost $15 per month while a 8-class package costs $49 and a 35-class package is $199; prices can change without prior notice.

Keep in mind that while these aren’t the cheapest prices in the industry – many gyms offer promos with more affordable prices than those offered by Class Pass. However, the Class Pass membership means that you’re getting significant discounts on high-quality classes.

In New York City, for example, a typical spin class can cost $40 and up per class. With a Class Pass membership, you can save on the cost by enjoying three classes per month at a much cheaper rate.  You can also supplement your existing gym membership with a Class Pass subscription if the former doesn’t include extra classes.

A Class Pass membership is best for fitness enthusiasts who want to experience a wider range of workouts. You can try out plenty of physical activities and determine which one suits your personality, lifestyle and goals the best. You can also get into many of the workouts and, thus, broaden your fitness horizons and prevent boredom (i.e., plateau).

For example, you can try aqua-cycling this month and then TRX training classes the next month. In every workout, you have fitness instructors that will provide expert guidance, correct your technique and form, and make the workout fun. You can also take classes in many different cities, a boon if you’re a frequent traveler.

For more information about ClassPass, visit their official website.

how much is classpass?

2 classes (Per Person) – $15/month
8 classes (Per Person) – $49/month
13 classes (Per Person) – $79/month
24 classes (Per Person) – $139/month
35 classes (Per Person) – $199/month

What are class credits?

Each ClassPass workout has a dynamic credit value that changes based on factors like location, time, popularity and equipment used. When you sign up, you’ll receive a set number of credits to book the workouts you want to try.