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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price

Basic Membership


Amenities vary by location.

Personal Training add-on
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Annual Membership) $19.00
First Month Dues (Per Person) (Annual Membership) $10.00
Last Month Dues (Per Person) (Annual Membership) $10.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Annual Membership) $0.00
Total Due Today (tax included) (Annual Membership) $39.00

Month to Month

Amenities vary by location.

Personal Training add-on. Month to Month
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Month to Month) $5.00
First Month Dues (Per Person) (Month to Month) $15.00
Last Month Dues (Per Person) (Month to Month) $15.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Month to Month) $0.00
Total Due Today (tax included) (Month to Month) $35.00

Lime Membership

Get More With Lime!

Amenities vary by location.

Personal Training add-on. Month to Month, Unlimited Guest Privileges, Access to all YouFit Locations, Half Price Drinks
Initiation Fee (Per Person) (Lime Membership) $1.00
First Month Dues (Per Person) (Lime Membership) $24.99
Last Month Dues (Per Person) (Lime Membership) $0.00
Cancellation Fee (Per Person) (Lime Membership) $0.00
Total Due Today (tax included) (Lime Membership) $25.99
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About YouFit

Youfit Gyms, previously known as Youfit Health Clubs prior to its rebranding in 2021, is a fitness franchise with more than 80 locations in the US.

Membership Tiers

There are four types of membership or subscription plans available: Youfit on Demand, Basic, Premium, and the Premium +.

  • Youfit On Demand: People will never be bored of an exercise routine because Youfit uploads new content every month. The Youfit on Demand also includes a goal-oriented system so members can see if they’re progressing quickly or need to amp up their workouts. There’s also a scheduling feature on Youfit on Demand.
  • Basic Membership: The basic Youfit Membership allows individuals to use the basic equipment at Youfit gyms. Members can have access to the free weights, machines, locker rooms, and a performance lifting area.
  • Premium Membership: It has all the benefits of the basic membership, plus, it allows the member to bring guests as often as they can. The premium membership also allows the individual to exercise at any Youfit gym location.
  • Premium Membership Plus: This last one has all of the benefits of premium membership, with the addition of Youfit on Demand and HIIT program.

Benefits of Becoming a Youfit Gym Member

There are a ton of benefits waiting for customers who become Youfit gym members. Here are some of the perks:

Military Discounts

Membership discounts will be available to military personnel and first responders. Youfit used to offer a 3-month free membership for veterans who signed up. This offer may or may not be present in other Youfit locations. Customers should call their local Youfit gym for more information.

Group Classes

If a customer subscribes to the premium membership, they also get to enjoy group classes. Group classes are a perfect way to break sweat to get past the repetitive and boring nature of a workout. But due to the COVID19 pandemic, group classes are limited for now.

Some of the group classes available have exercises like Barre, Body Step, and Cardio Kickbox. Collectively, these are known as YouGX classes.

Online Nutritional Resource App

Not a lot of fitness gyms focus on nutrition – it’s mostly something coaches discuss with their clients, but not approached wholly by the company.

Youfit’s collaboration with Eatlove, an app that focuses on nutrition, is their solution. The app has various modes depending on the customer’s goal.

The settings are modifiable to either help customers achieve their lifestyle goals, or to help people make healthier food choices with pre-existing medical conditions.

The app does not give a how-to on treating diseases, so customers should consult a physician instead of relying on the app.

Personal Training

One that’s always consistent among fitness brands is personal training. It’s very useful for individuals who decide to take fitness seriously. Feedback from coaches is invaluable information.

When new members know how to perform the correct techniques of a specific exercise, they’ll remember it for a long time. This will help them achieve their fitness goals faster.

In addition to correcting techniques, coaches also help members follow a nutrition plan.

Personal training also provides members an overview of their progress on a long-term basis, and the process is pretty much handing the client what they need so they don’t have to fuss about food, weight progression, and all the other things that make fitness time-consuming.

Free Guest Pass and Other Perks

A free guest pass is available to anyone who signs up on their website. The free pass will be sent via email; customers have to fill out a form with their name and contact details to be able to get the pass.

Aside from the free pass, Youfit actively offers cashbacks in the form of membership discounts. New customers can visit the company’s website for more details.

Changes since COVID19

Aside from the rebrand the company underwent last year, Youfit has shifted most of its operations virtually. This means most of its in-person training and gyms will remain closed unless otherwise specified.

2022 is a better year in terms of business operations, so some of their locations may already be open.

Most of Youfit’s gyms are equipped with hand-sanitizing stations to reduce the risk of COVID19 transmission, as well as protective barriers on areas like the reception. Mask wearing policies will still depend on the location, so members should check with local state guidelines.

For more information about Youfit Health Clubs, visit their official website.

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YouFit FAQ

How much does Youfit cost?

YouFit memberships starts around $10/month.

How much is Youfit annual fee?

YouFit annual membership dues vary by membership type. Please refer to your membership packet for more information. On average it starts around $19 dollars however it varies by location and membership type.

How much is Youfit personal training?

2 Sessions Per Month – $75.00/month
4 Sessions Per Month – $140.00/month
8 Sessions Per Month – $240.00/month

YouFit guest pass?

Yes, and its free. Click here to receive FREE guest pass for YouFit membership club.