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Sep, 2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price

Monthly Membership

Unlimited yoga classes and access to over 150 studios nationwide.
Initiation Fee (One Person) (Monthly Membership) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Monthly Membership) $159.00

Class Packages

1 Class (Standard) $27.00
5 Classes (Standard) $129.00
10 Classes (Standard) $245.00
20 Classes (Standard) $469.00
1-Month Unlimited Classes $200.00
3-Month Unlimited Classes $479.00

Student, Senior, Teacher & Military

Black Tag Membership

Monthly Fee (One Person) $125.00
First Month Only (One Person) $84.00

Class Packages

Single Class $18.00
10 Classes $155.00
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About CorePower Yoga

There’s no doubt that yoga has long been popular. Part of the reason for that is perhaps the continued success of CorePower Yoga, which was established in 2002. Two decades later, the brand boasts of more than 200 yoga studios spread across 22 states.

However, this is not the kind of traditional yoga you see on TV and in the movies. It’s a unique combination of yoga principles mixed with strength training, mindfulness, and even heat to help members achieve their fitness goals.

Today, CorePower Yoga has at least 3,000 teachers guiding the members in the studio, through live streams, and on recorded videos online.

Class Types

Whether you’re a newbie or you have prior yoga experience, you can pick an appropriate class type that will match your needs and current skill levels. Class types include:

Basic Lessons

The step-by-step guide help you deal with poses that yoga requires. If you’re a newbie, then you’ll get the help you need to deal with unfamiliar positions.


This teaches the principles and postures of Vinyasa yoga. It comes in several phases, so you can get the intensity level that matches your current yoga knowledge.  

Yoga Sculpt Bodyweight

It combines yoga with cardio exercises and strength training, and it’s open to all skill levels. It’s a high-intensity class that uses the body weight for strength training.

Yoga Sculpt

It’s similar to the Yoga Sculpt Bodyweight, as it combines yoga, cardio, and strength training. However, it uses weights for strength training.


It’s another class that’s open to everyone, including newbies. It’s a low-intensity class that focuses on proper breathing technique to relax both your mind and body.

Hot Power Fusion

Open to all levels, this is a high-energy class that combines the intensity of power yoga with the meditative calm of hot yoga.


The postures focus stretching and breathing, so that you can get that mental reset you want for stress relief. This is the kind of restorative yoga that can really help with tension.

Class Collections

These are the sets of classes recommended for various skill levels and fitness goals.

Beginner Basics

These are 10 classes you can choose from that will help familiarize you to the fundamentals of the type of yoga that CorePower Yoga offers. You can build strength while you go through isometric movements and balance challenges.

Flow into Intermediate

Done with the basics? Here’s another set of 10 classes, including more advanced CorePower phases (CorePower 1.5 and 2) that boost your strength, improve your balance, and even detoxify your body and mind. You’ll move through more advanced postures even as you breathe more properly.

Included here is the Yoga Sculpt Bodyweight as well, which will challenge your muscles in refreshingly new ways while only using your body weight.

Advanced Asanas

This set includes CorePower 3, which involves more advanced vinyasa yoga techniques and greater intensity. You can take the Yoga Sculpt classes as well, so you can mix yoga with cardio and strength training using light free weights. You’ll learn about inversions and arm balances as well.

Cardio Crazy

Sometimes you just need a good cardio workout, and these 37 different classes will really get your heart pumping. Of course, they’ll burn off lots of calories as well, which should help with weight loss.

Most of the classes here are quite fast-paced, to really get your body moving and your heart pumping. You’ll boost your strength along the way, while you also enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

Open Your Heart

This is a set of 54 classes, and they’re all designed to help you release your pent-up emotions and stress.

More Focused Classes

Some sets of classes target a specific part of the body, and in general the name of the set gives a rather definitive clue.

  • Booty Burn. Yep, it’s for your glutes.
  • Hip Hip Hooray. You’ll open, stretch, and strengthen your hip muscles. That will give you the mobility you need for more challenging poses. Also, it counteracts the effects of sitting at your desk for days at a time.
  • Target Your Core. This will fire up and activate your core strength, and that’s crucial. The core supports and stabilizes everything you do.
  • Inversions and Arm Balances. You’ll mostly get upside down to reinvigorate your body.
  • Upper Body Blast. These classes will focus more on your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.
  • Lower Body Blast. This time, you have classes that improve your lower body stability by focusing on your hamstrings and glutes.
  • These classes are more methodical, slowly examining each pose while you improve your body awareness and alignment. You build strength, and also reduce the risk of injury.

Final Words

Many already recognize the soothing effect of yoga on the mind and spirit, even as the various postures improve our flexibility. But with CorePower Yoga, you’re also able to incorporate cardio and strength training for a more complete workout.

It is this type of comprehensive coverage that makes CorePower Yoga such an attractive option. You’re able to focus not just on your body, but also on your mind and spirit as well. Even as you burn off calories and enhance your strength, you relieve stress in more effective ways. All in all, you get just the kind of workout that everybody needs during these tension-filled days.

For more information about CorePower Yoga, visit their official website.

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CorePower Yoga FAQ

How much is one class at CorePower Yoga?

1 Class (Standard) – $27.00 per person.
Single Class – $18.00 per student, senior, teacher & military.

How much is CorePower Yoga?

Black Tag members pay $125 regular monthly fee. On their first month, they only have to pay $84. You can also choose from the following packages: single class, $27; 5 classes, $129; 10 classes, $245; 20 classes, $469; 1-month unlimited, $200; and 3-month unlimited, $479. Please note that these prices do not include the applicable taxes.

What is black tag benefits at CorePower Yoga?

Black Tag members can enjoy unlimited yoga; they will have access to the 150+ studios in the US; and they will be able to attend special events held four times a year. Aside from not having to sign any contract, members will only pay $84 on their first month. They will also receive retail discounts and 20% off on trainings and programs. Their customer service team could also advise you about discount class packages that don’t have expiration dates.