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October, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

The New York Sport Club is a part of the Sports Clubs Network. Founded in 1974, the Sports Clubs now have more than half a million members and 150 clubs located in the United States and in Switzerland.

The Clubs’ operator, Town Sports International, is the biggest health club company in Northeast United States. Check below the New York Sport Club prices. The New York Sport Club was set up to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve their lives through exercise.

Their fitness processional teams will be there to help you lower your cholesterol, develop a good-looking and toned body, and attain a better lifestyle. Their first-class gyms include facilities such as saunas, swimming pools, steam rooms, and lockers, among others. If you have children, you could bring them to the gym as New York Sport Club gyms have babysitting and kids’ programs.

Below are the latest New York Sports Club prices.

Item Price

Monthly Memberships

Annual Fee of $69.99 due on the 15th of the month following your enrollment.


Joining Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $0.48
Monthly Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $64.99
Pro-rated Dues (One Person) (One Club Access) $51.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (One Club Access) $0.00


Joining Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $0.48
Monthly Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $99.99
Pro-rated Dues (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $79.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs Access) $0.00
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What are the training options?

  • One-on-one. You will have a one-on-one workout with a certified trainer. Your trainer will work with you to create the right program for your body type. This will include two personal workouts every three months to measure your progress. You will have a fitness journal, where you can set your goals and track your progress. Every month, you will be provided four complimentary guest passes.
  • Team training. In team trainings, you will attend high-intensity programs in small group settings. This will include two personal workouts every three months to measure your progress. You will have a fitness journal, where you can set your goals and track your progress.

What are the available programs?

UXF Circuit. The Ultimate Fitness Experience (UXF) Circuit workouts are a combination of cardio conditioning and strength training. It aims to improve your endurance, flexibility, strength, and agility. During the training, you will have high-intensity workouts in short bursts. You will have short rest periods in between so that your body can quickly adapt to the conditions.

UXF Circuit training will sometimes require the use any of the following equipment: sleds, truck tires, and battle ropes. These will be used together with plyometric exercises. The goal is for you to develop a balanced circuit, while safely progressing at your own pace.

Core Group Exercise. In this program, you will find energizing classes, from abdominals to Zumba, from meditative yoga to heart-pounding dance. These are some of the classes you can participate in:

  • Cycling – Whether you’re a first-time cyclist or an experienced rider, you will be challenged to increase your endurance and burn your calories. You will participate in a cycling class while listening to music. To simulate the actual riding experience, motivational strategies and interval training techniques will be applied.
  • Bodypump – This an original class that is developed to strengthen your body using barbells. As great music blasts in the studio, you will be working out all your muscle groups. With the help of your trainer, you will need to perform squats, lifts, curls, and presses.
  • Barre conditioning – This total body workout is a combination of ballet-inspired moves and Pilates. This training will target small muscle groups that are often not given priority during traditional training. Aside from developing a dancer’s physique, you will be able to improve your posture, core stability, and joint alignment.

Small Group Training

This results-driven program is designed to bring you to the next level. You will be able to enjoy personal training and team motivation. These are some of the classes you can participate in:

  • Pilates reformer – The Pilates reformer is a system of mind and body exercises. It is designed to work all your muscle groups, for you to achieve that lean and sculpted body. You will be performing exercises using your spring resistance and body weight.
  • TRX – This is another New York Sports Clubs’ original class. It is a bodyweight-based training that will help you simultaneously develop core stability, balance, strength, and flexibility. This can be used for small group trainings or personal training.
  • Kettlebells – This training works out hundreds of muscles all at the same time. Training using kettlebells results to developing lean muscles while burning calories and strengthening your core. You can expect to have a well-balanced and well-tone physique, and possess excellent functional strength.

To find a class, log on to the New York Sport Club website. Click the ‘Classes’ tab on top of the webpage. You can search by ‘Current location’ or ‘Zip code’ or ‘Choose area.’ If you choose an area, for example, a list of clubs will appear on the box below; tick your preferred club and click ‘Go.’ You can further filter the results to include the date and time, class style, and instructor.

The New York Sport Club also offer partnerships with companies and organizations. They encourage employers to promote healthy living through wellness programs. The New York Sport Club is currently partnered with more than 400 companies in endorsing corporate wellness.

For more information about New York Sports Club, visit their official website.