How to Will Yourself to Keep Exercising

Someone joins Nuffield Gym, all excited and pumped up. After a few weeks their attendance drops until they stop going altogether, and chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of it. The thing is working out makes you energetic, but it’s getting started that’s really tough. Here are some tips that can help.

Prepare for the Morning

If it seems like too much work to get up in the morning and look for your gym clothes and gear, get them ready early. Before you go to bed, prepare your gym equipment, clothes and gear. Place them by the side of your bed so when you wake up there’s no excuse not to put them on.

Work Out with a Friend

Having a gym buddy keeps you accountable, and you’ll want to keep up with their progress.   Working out with a friend makes the trip to the gym something you’ll actually look forward to. And if they’ve got experience working out they can even give you tips.

Join a Fitness Club You Enjoy

Maybe you need a change of scenery. Maybe the gym you’re at is no longer as enjoyable as it used to be or doesn’t have the features you now need. In that case, look for another club with better atmosphere, equipment and just more enjoyable to work out at. There is no shortage of fitness clubs to choose from so there’s no reason to put up with one you don’t want.

Keep Track of Your Progress

There are few things that will motivate you more than knowing you’re making progress. Keep a journal of your progress, how many pounds you’ve lost, how much mass you’ve gained and so on. Don’t forget to weigh yourself every week and you’ll see the big difference it makes.

Be Realistic

One of the reasons why some get discouraged from working out is they set their goals too high. If you set impossible goals then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment indeed. Your objectives need to be something that you’ll actually be able to do.

Rest and Relax

Give yourself the day off once or twice a week. Your body will thank you for it and you’ll be able to progress faster.


It can be difficult to get up and hit the gym especially if it’s a cold morning. Hopefully the tips in this article will be able to motivate you into hitting the gym.

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