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December, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Retro Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness centers in the US today with more than 130 locations throughout the country.

Open for men and women, the center has a complete set of equipment and amenities to make your workouts productive and enjoyable. Before you join though, you can use the following as a price guide.

Below are the latest Retro Fitness prices.

Item Price

Monthly Memberships

Ultimate - No Commitment

Due Today (Ultimate) $34.99
Annual Fee (Ultimate) $49.00
Monthly Fee (Ultimate) $34.99
Cancellation Fee (Ultimate) $0.00

Core - 12 Month Commitment

Due Today (Core) $31.99
Annual Fee (Core) $49.00
Monthly Fee (Core) $31.99
Cancellation Fee (Core) $0.00

Flex - No Commitment

Due Today (Flex) $73.99
Annual Fee (Flex) $49.00
Monthly Fee (Flex) $24.99
Cancellation Fee (Flex) $0.00
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Retro Fitness Membership Fees

Like other gyms, Retro Fitness offers a Guest Pass so you can decide if a membership is worth it. If you decide to join a club, there’s a annual fee of $49 and a monthly fee starting at $24.99 per person. For $34.99 you get access to all Retro Fitness clubs and all their equipment, classes and personal training, and there is no cancellation fees.

All of these payments are for single individual memberships. Please note that these are general guidelines for the prices, because local Retro Fitness centers might offer promos, discounts and other amenities not available elsewhere.

To sign up for membership, you need to go to the official Retro Fitness website and click “Join Now”. A map will appear so you can choose the location nearest you. Choose the appropriate location and click “Join Now”. Another window will appear so you can choose the type of membership.

Membership Privileges

Members can also avail of the state of the art cardio movie theater, which should make workouts more entertaining, as well as the Retro Blends Juice Bar so you can end your workouts with some nourishing smoothies. In addition to these, members also get access to tanning, and there’s child sitting as well so you can work out knowing your child is safe.

Members can also download the official Retro Fitness app. Free on iTunes and Google Play, the app allows you to check into the club you joined and keep track of your workouts, so it’s like having a virtual personal trainer with you, and you can connect with other devices and apps. This app also gives you access to the latest Retro Fitness promos and challenges, and there’s complete social feed integration as well.

Those who sign up for Retro Fitness and download this app can use it to set goals and keep track of them. Whereas before you had to keep a diary or journal, now it’s much easier as the app keeps track of them for you. Retro Fitness also offers members rewards and deals, and the app offers you a quick way to stay up to date on all of these. While the app is not a requirement, it is free, and it offers several benefits and features that make working out easier.

History and Mission Objectives

Retro Fitness was founded with one objective, and that is to make sure you get the results you want in the shortest possible time. From the beginning, the center has distinguished itself from the competition with its high end facilities, professional staff and skilled personal trainers. The privileges and benefits are all designed to further the center’s objective, and that is to make workouts more enjoyable.

The center has also become known for its affordable rates, so it has come as no surprise to industry observers that the company has been expanding at a rapid rate. Since the company was founded, its motto has never changed, and that is to provide “more for less”.

What has helped the success of Retro Fitness is the experience of the people behind it, as the brains behind the company have been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, so they know what clicks and what doesn’t.

The company was founded with the vision and objective to deliver maximum service without the exorbitant price that other fitness centers charge and when Retro Fitness was established, it was with the understanding that customers have to be given the services they need without any compromise.

Because of this, the research and development of Retro Fitness was focused on improving the elements in workouts that fitness buffs usually take for granted. At the same time, emphasis was placed on creating an environment that would be suitable for those new to exercising, but Retro Fitness also wanted to make sure that experienced gym buffs would have all their needs met as well.

For more information about Retro Fitness, visit their official website.


How much is Retro Fitness a month?

If you decide to join a club, there’s a annual fee of $49 and a monthly fee starting at $24.99 (flex plan) per person.

How much is a Retro Fitness membership?

Ultimate Membership (no commitment) – $34.99 per month

Core Membership (12 month commitment) – $31.99 per month

Flex Membership (no commitment) – $24.99 per month

How much is Retro Fitness annual fee?

The annual fee is $49 per person.