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January, 2022. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price

Monthly Memberships

Single Location Access

Per Person
Enrollment Fee (One Club Access) $59.00
Monthly Dues (One Club Access) $10.00
Annual Fee (One Club Access) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Club Access) $0.00

All Location Access

Per Person
Enrollment Fee (All Club Access) $0.00
Monthly Dues (All Club Access) $22.99
Annual Fee (All Club Access) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (All Club Access) $0.00
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About Fitness Connection

One of the fastest growing and also the newest gym chains in the United States is Fitness Connection. It was established only recently but has already grown into one of the top 25 biggest fitness center chains in the country.

This fitness center was formerly known as Gold’s Gym but in August 2011, the name was changed to Fitness Connection. The company is now based in Houston, Texas, but has a number of gym facilities located in North Carolina, Greenville and Raleigh.

Fitness Club has a $500 million private equity and is being managed by several executives that have extensive experience in developing local gym chains to achieve national top-five brands. This health club is more than a gym because it offers a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to health and fitness. This team stands for and believes in the promotion of healthy living.

They have a broad offering of fitness training systems that support and inspire their members in their pursuit of good health. Fitness Connection is not just interested on those who are already in shape, but focuses on people who want to live a happier and healthier life. As such, this team goes well beyond the confines of their gym and strives to make a positive difference in other people’s lives, even those who have never even set foot on their facilities.

Benefits of Fitness Connection Membership

If you are a member, you are eligible to use its facilities for just a small price. This allows you the options of swimming in their pool, training with their fitness experts, working out on their latest gym equipment, playing games of basketball, or learning fitness principles in some of their classes.

Fitness Connection is a member of IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association). As such, it is able to provide an international travel program that enables its members to gain access to more than 1,000 health clubs, some for free and some for considerable discounts.

Fitness Connection is an active, positive and engaged community partner. It leads the way towards fitness, health and well-being. Their values are hospitality, excellence, integrity and passion. They focus their members’ minds on achieving their health and fitness goals.

Fitness Training at Fitness Connection

As a health club, Fitness Connection offers many types of health and fitness training to its members. At any one of their gyms, you can expect to get group exercise programs that may involve performing body vives, boot camping, dancing, body pumps, H20, kickboxing, muscle conditioning, salsa, Latin dancing, hip-hop dancing, yoga and Pilates.

They also offer cardiovascular workouts using steps and cardio challenging workouts. Fitness Connection also provides their members instructions and assistance in nutrition and personal training including cardio and resistance training. Here are some samples of the fitness training you will get from Fitness Connection:

Personal Training

Fitness Connection offers you comprehensive fitness training for building muscles, losing fat, relieving pain, and living a more active and longer life.

Nutrition Instruction and Support

Professional nutritionists at Fitness Connection will teach you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat so that you can achieve your health and fitness goals. They will recommend the right nutrients for your body type and lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Training

Fitness experts of Fitness Connection will teach you the right cardiovascular exercises that will elevate your heart rate. This will help reduce your calories and also help you burn fat and increase the efficiency of your lungs and heart.

Resistance Training

The resistance training you will get from the fitness experts at this health club will increase the efficiency of your muscles. By increasing your muscles’ efficiency, your resting metabolism will increase as well and you will be able to burn more calories in your daily life whatever you are doing.

Fitness Connection Policies on Membership

There are certain regulations that Fitness Connection follow in accepting members.

  • 18 years old or older – can sign a membership contract and workout by themselves
  • 16 to 17 years old – parents must sign contract, but can workout by themselves.
  • 12 to 15 years old – parents must sign contract and when working out must be accompanied by parents.
  • 11 years old and below – are only allowed to workout in special classes.
  • 5 years old – are not allowed to go to the locker room of the opposite gender, but are allowed to use family locker rooms if available.

Membership Fees

For each member, Fitness Connection charges $10 per month and this is on a month to month basis. You are allowed to bring a guest with you but only with a pre-arranged pass.

Your guest can only use the gym’s facilities only once in 4 months and only 3 times a year. The daily fee for a guest is $15.

For more information about Fitness Connection, visit their official website.

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Fitness Connection FAQ

How much is a Fitness Connection membership?

For each member, Fitness Connection charges $10 per month and this is on a month to month basis. You are allowed to bring a guest with you but only with a pre-arranged pass.

How much is Fitness Connection annual fee?

Annual Fee (One Club Access or All Club Access) – $49.00 per person.

How much is enrollment fee at Fitness Connection?

Enrollment Fee (One Club Access) – $59.00 per person.