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September, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Goodlife Fitness is very popular fitness club in Canada. The primary reason why is that it allows the prospective member to try out the gym for free before committing himself. Usually, a gym staff member will provide the prospective member a walk-through.

In the process, the potential member will be able to see the facilities that will be available for him should he decide to join. It is important for people to be actually inside a gym, rather than just looking at pictures of the gym on the internet.

In this way, they see the high quality of the facilities that Goodlife is offering. The walk-through process is an effective way to persuade potential members to sign up.

Below are the latest Goodlife Fitness prices.

Item Price

Monthly Memberships

One Club Access

Initiation Fee (One Club Access) (Monthly) $0.00
Cancellation Fee (One Club Access) (Monthly) $99.99
Monthly Fee (One Club Access) (Monthly) $59.99
Due Today (One Club Access) (Monthly) $59.99

All Club Access

Initiation Fee (All Club Access) (Monthly) $0.00
Cancellation Fee (All Club Access) (Monthly) $99.99
Monthly Fee (All Club Access) (Monthly) $69.99
Due Today (All Club Access) (Monthly) $69.99

Yearly Memberships

One Club Access

Initiation Fee (One Club Access) (Yearly) $0.00
Cancellation Fee (One Club Access) (Yearly) $99.99
Monthly Fee (One Club Access) (Yearly) $719.99
Due Today (One Club Access) (Yearly) $719.99

All Club Access

Initiation Fee (All Club Access) (Yearly) $0.00
Cancellation Fee (All Club Access) (Yearly) $99.99
Monthly Fee (All Club Access) (Yearly) $839.99
Due Today (All Club Access) (Yearly) $839.99
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In 2005, the Goodlife Fitness gym became the official agent of Les Mills International. It was then regarded as the largest provider of group fitness classes using choreographed exercise-to-music system in the world.

David Patchell Evens started the first Goodlife Fitness gym in 1979. Since then, more and more Canadians have joined the club, perhaps because of the high quality of their facilities and excellent customer service.

Currently, Goodlife Fitness has an enrollment of more than 750,000 members spread over the hundreds of Goodlife gyms in Canada. It is estimated that about one out of 4 Canadians is a member of a Goodlife gym.

Because of the high quality services and facilities it offers, more and more people are becoming members of the Goodlife Fitness club. To date, there are now more than 330 Goodlife Fitness gyms all over Canada. Most of these gyms are open 24/7 while there are other locations where the facilities are opened 24/4.

Type of Goodlife Fitness Membership

To encourage more people to become a member of the club, Goodlife Fitness gym offers a 14 day trial membership to interested parties.

Three types of Goodlife Fitness Fees are followed in this fitness club:

Student – this cost of this type of membership is much less than what is offered to the general public. But the student must show his ISAC card to the coordinator of the gym.

General Public – normal rates are charged in this this type of membership.

Corporate Membership – the Goodlife Fitness cost of corporate membership is usually given at a considerable discount owing to the large number of members per company. The rates are usually organized within the company itself but it is lower than that of the general public.

Benefits and Privileges to Members

One of the things that make people join Goodlife Fitness is the cleanliness of the gym facilities and equipment. Of course, there are locations where hygiene can still improve, but overall, the state of hygiene inside the gym is good.

Franchisees of Goodlife Fitness gyms instruct their staff to keep all their gym equipment safe and clean. This is to safeguard their members while they are working out. There is a regular scheduled maintenance of this gym equipment enabling the staff to correct errors before they can cause problems.

Another thing that makes Goodlife Fitness gyms attractive is that they regularly update their equipment. If a new model is out in the market, most probably it will be available at Goodlife Fitness.

In most Goodlife Fitness gyms near school campus and business districts, the busiest hours are during the break periods of from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. since most of the gym members are either coed students or office employees.

Thankfully, floor space in a Goodlife gym is spacious therefore members will not feel they are in a tightly cramped space.

When it comes to amenities, members of Goodlife gyms enjoy one of the best. There are a variety of conveniences that members can choose from. There are locations which have tennis courts, swimming pools, squash courts, a track, and tanning beds.

All Goodlife gyms have towel service and air conditioning. Some have nutrition centers, massage therapy and child care.

All gym members at Goodlife Fitness are given access to locker rooms and showers. These showers are well-maintained to give members a very sanitary place to refresh themselves after every workout. Members are provided secure lockers to store their things while they are in the gym.

Goodlife gym gives a very high premium to customer service. All their classes are handled by qualified professional physical trainers. They are instructed to give their best so that members will be fully satisfied with the services they are given.

Members are assured that should there arise any issue about membership, the gym staff will handle it fair and square.

The Goodlife Fitness gym offers some of the best amenities in Canada. It is also open 24/7 enabling its members to access the gym anytime they want. The Goodlife Fitness prices are also very flexible. Overall, it is a gym that is worthy of consideration.

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