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December, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Powerhouse Gym has been in operation for over 40 years, and it keeps on growing to date. Its aggressive expansion has found it opening more sites in over 39 US states and 17 locations all over the world.

As a top leader in the competitive world of health and fitness, Powerhouse Gym strives to provide all its members top notch gym facilities, numerous high-tech amenities and equipment, and an environment completely conducive to workout training. Powerhouse Gym is proven to be a highly popular and sought after gym, what with its 1.2 million members worldwide, and counting.

Below are the latest Powerhouse Gym prices.

Item Price

Membership Plans

Regular 12 Months

12 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $89.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Regular 12 Month) $0.00

Regular 18 Months

18 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $79.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Regular 18 Month) $0.00

Regular Month To Month

No Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $39.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $99.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Month To Month) $0.00

Regular 1 Year Membership

12 Month Commitment
Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $39.99
Paid in Full Dues (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $800.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Year Membership) $0.00
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Powerhouse Gym opened its first branch in Highland Park, in Michigan in 1975 under the leadership of Danish brothers, William and Norman. Starting as a small, single inner city health establishment, the gym grew into one of the most respected health clubs and gyms in the whole of Michigan.

Eventually, it took the country by storm, quickly becoming extremely popular and sought after by individuals who are serious about improving their health and overall physique. It is the choice of most who are looking for a gym that not only can offer them the right workout programs and equipment, but also the environment that will motivate them to focus on their fitness goals.

Today, the name has become a top health brand, with the gym cementing its high place in the health and wellness industry after more than 35 years. It now has 300 licensees scattered in 39 US states, and continues to enjoy worldwide attention and appreciation as it expands to 17 other countries.  The original Powerhouse Gym still exists in Highland Park, and had celebrated its 35 years in the business in 2010.

Currently, Powerhouse Gym is recognized as one of the most aggressive and respected gyms in the United States. The establishment is known for its highly efficient workout programs, professional staff members, low Powerhouse fees, and top-of-the-line exercise equipment and facilities. Such features are evident within the organization to ensure full support to members in their quest for their fitness goals. The gym demonstrates the highest quality of dedication and commitment to achieve customer satisfaction. All Powerhouse services are delivered with a great sense of pride, friendliness, and high spirit. Its mission is to inspire each and every member to make better of themselves.

Today, according to IHRSA, a health and fitness advocacy organization, the name and trademark of Powerhouse Gym are two of the most popular brands in the fitness and health industry in the United States and worldwide. In fact, 7 out of 10 individuals in the US recognize the Powerhouse Gym insignia and logo.

Membership Fees

The membership fees of Powerhouse Gym vary, depending on the location of a prospective member and the membership type of his choice. The average rate of fee is around $90 a month. Specifically, the fees needed to be paid are enrolment fee, which is around $0, and annual enhancement Fee, at $40;  12 month ACH Agreement, and $89.99 a month; and 18 months ACH Agreement, at $79.99 a month. There also Family and Couples plans available at most locations; these plans will help reduce the amount of fees to be paid.

Benefits of Powerhouse Gym Members

As a member, you enjoy unlimited use of the equipment and facilities within the gym. Powerhouse doesn’t impose long term membership, and even offers flexible payments to the members.

Apart from top of the line equipment, expert trainers, and knowledgeable and courteous staff members, the gym also offers other vital amenities such as a full service shop that features bars, supplements, and beverages from top manufacturers and brands in the wellness and fitness Industry. Powerhouse Gym also offers exercise clothing and accessories from top brands.

Of course, it also has its very own brand of gym clothing. Members can also avail of the gym’s tanning equipment round the clock, with unlimited tanning privilege available for less than $18 a month. Obviously, Powerhouse prices are reasonable compared to other simple gyms and clubs.

Customized training at its finest

The trainers and fitness professionals at Powerhouse Gym are wholly dedicated and trained in working up close with all its members. Whatever level of physical fitness condition a member might be, he will get the right attention from a designated fitness expert of the gym. He will work hard to ensure that a member sees the results that he expects from his workout routine at the earliest time possible.

A top Powerhouse Gym trainer will work with every member to make sure that the latter will properly perform all simple and advanced workout routines assigned to him. These same effective programs are what makes Powerhouse Gym several notches ahead of other clubs and gyms and club. Likewise, the affordable Powerhouse Gym prices make membership all the more attractive. As one signs up, he may avail of the first training session for free. This customized routine training and affordable Powerhouse costs are what make it a preferred choice by many.

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How much is a Powerhouse Gym membership?

The average rate is around $80-$100 per month depending on which membership plan you decide to go with.

How much is Powerhouse Gym a month?

Regular Month To Month (No Commitment) – $99.00 per month.

Regular 12 Months (12 Month Commitment) – $89.99 per month.

Regular 18 Months (18 Month Commitment) – $79.99 per month.

How much is maintenance fee at Powerhouse Gym?

Annual Maintenance Fee (One Person) – $39.99 per person.

How much is year membership at Powerhouse Gym?

Regular 1 Year Membership (12 Month Commitment) – Paid in Full Dues $800.00 per person.