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January, 2022. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price


30 Day Trial

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Trial) $0.00
Trial Fee (One Person) (Trial) $30.00

Monthly Memberships

Cardio Only

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Cardio Only) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Cardio Only) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Cardio Only) $0.00

Unlimited Cardio with 12 High-Intensity Strength Sessions

Initiation Fee (One Person) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) $319.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00
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About Koko Fit Club

Almost 20 years ago Mike Lannon opened its very first Koko Fit Club with his wife Mary Obana.

Koko Fit Club is a popular digital fitness gym that utilizes the popular Koko Smartraining System, a program providing members with a personalized half-hour workout routine and a diet program that suits an individual’s specific needs.

A wise businessman, inventor, and visionary that he is, Mike together with his wife, worked to ensure the success of the gym. He holds patents for Koko Cardio, Smartrainer, and the Koko Smartraining System, vital components of Koko Fit Club that make it a huge success.

The club is now touted as a leader in the field of fitness and health, while Mike’s inventions serving as models of the fitness equipment and systems of other gym organizations.

History of Koko Fit Club

It was in 2007 when young couple Mike and Mary opened the first Koko FitClub. As the fitness center quickly became highly successful, other branches soon follow. Everything is personal, as programmed by the young couple. They made sure that their club veers away from the usual norms and features of a traditional gym. Every club is a cozy studio where every member does a short yet effective workout session that is designed to meet their fitness goals. While every workout is personal and quiet, activities are actually analysed and tracked to monitor progress and results.

Today, Koko Fit Club is one of the most successful fitness centers in more than 30 US States, boasting of thousands of dedicated members. Indeed, Mike and Mary’s unique ideas about fitness has brought about a fitness camp that focuses in helping everyone become healthy in an efficient way.

Membership Fees

Members don’t have to worry about the membership fees as they are affordable compared to other fitness clubs. Actually, amount of fees depend on the location or state as well as membership type that you opt to get. You might want to consider trying out a session, and if you decide to become a full pledged member, the rate is $30 to $49 a month. You will enjoy a great number of benefits from being a Koko Fit Club member, such as access to gym equipment and facilities, and valuable advices and tips from health experts. They club offers flexible payment of fees as well.

As Koko Fit Club membership is already low-cost, its high-value and personalized fitness and wellness services is even made more available with this attractive deals and terms.  Also, just like other gyms and camps, Koko Fit Club requires enrolment fees.

Smart Training

Koko Fit Club takes pride in its very own Smartraining technology, which makes use of a technically advanced personal fitness training system as well as exercise science to ensure more effective exercise routines. Smartraining exists as a vital part of Koko Fit Club’s long-term fitness approach.

As you become a member, you gain access to two programs available at the gym.  You have the privilege of using the Koko Smartrainer, a device that acts as your personal trainer.  With the use of its interactive touch screen, the Smartrainer will guide you in every step of the workout specifically tailored for your own personal use.

Membership comes in a number of plans, each one giving a holder a unique level of access to the club. An in any other major fitness centers, Koko Fit Club allows you to be able to use facilities in other locations. This ensures that you can always avail of the club’s unique workout programs and facilities wherever you might be.

Customized training

Everyone at Koko Fit Club works hard to ensure that its members engage in a customized and personal workout routine that they need. A big step taken to making the club’s mission a reality was the invention of Koko Smartraining System and Smartrainer machine.

With the Koko Smartrainer and the club’s fitness professionals, the club is well-equipped in fulfilling its mission, which is to simplify the ways and techniques by which individuals attain healthy and fit lives. If you want to learn more information about Koko Fit Club, visit their official website.

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Koko Fit Club FAQ

How much is unlimited cardio at Koko Fit Club?

Unlimited Cardio with 12 High-Intensity Strength Sessions: Monthly Fee (One Person) – $319.

How much is Koko Fit Club membership?

Actually, amount of fees depend on the location or state as well as membership type that you opt to get. You might want to consider trying out a session, and if you decide to become a full pledged member, the rate is $30 to $49 a month.

How much is cardio only membership at Koko Fit Club?

Monthly Fee (One Person) (Cardio Only) – $49.00.