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September, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Bally Total Fitness is a fitness center based in the United States, and the company currently has 60 locations throughout the country. The center has been around since 1983 and since that time membership has grown to number in the thousands.

There are many reasons why Bally Total Fitness has remained popular through the years, but mainly it is because of their high end equipment and skilled trainers.

Below are the latest Bally Total Fitness prices.


Monthly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee$29.99
Monthly Fee$14.99
Due Today$44.98

Yearly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee$29.99
Yearly Fee$159.99
Due Today$189.98

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History of Bally Total Fitness

The history of Bally began in 1983 when Bally Manufacturing, which was producing slot machines, bought Health and Tennis Corporation of America and Lifecycle, which back then produced exercise bikes. Within four years of the purchase the company became the world’s biggest owner of fitness centers, and not long after its rapid growth, the company purchased Nautilus Fitness Centers and American Fitness Centers, which together would become known as Bally Total Fitness in 1995.

A year later in 1996, Bally Total Fitness was spun from its parent company running the casino. Two years later in 1998 the company was listed in the NYSE, and a year before in 1997 former White House aide Paul To back was named as Bally CEO (chief executive officer).

Membership Fees

The membership fees vary according to the location and the type of membership you choose. On the average the rate is around $15 a month, and for that you get unlimited use of the gym’s facilities, and if you’re not sure you can opt for a Guest Pass instead. In addition to this Bally Total Fitness does not require any long term membership, and you can arrange to have the payment done biweekly.

Depending on the membership plan you choose you can pay as you go and pay the last two or first two biweekly charges. What makes this convenient is they will charge your credit card automatically so you don’t forget to pay up. You can also pay the membership in full which will provide the best value for your money as you don’t have to pay biweekly, and the enrollment fee is waived off.

There are also several access choices available, such as National Access Membership that provide you with access to all of Bally’s network clubs. Under this membership service you’ll be able to continue working out regardless of your location. You just need to go to the closest Bally fitness center, enter and use the facility. With their Local Club Access you have access to all the local clubs in your area, perfect if you want to have easy access to Bally near your home, school or place of work. Now if you are looking for the most affordable plan you can sign up for the One Club membership plan. Regardless which plan you choose, you’ll be able to add family members and friends at a low cost.

Benefits for Bally Total Fitness Members

Those who enroll in a Bally Total Fitness gym will be able to avail of their various classes where you’ll learn from certified personal trainers who will provide customized workout plans for you. In addition to teaching proper training routines, your personal trainer will provide the motivation you need to keep going. However, their motivational tools do not end there as they offer a plethora of cutting edge equipment, lighting, video and audio equipment that will pump up your adrenaline.

Apart from their state of the art equipment, Bally Total Fitness gyms offer a safe and secure place for you to do workout routines. The moment you enter the gym you will be provided assistance by the club personnel, and there are complete equipment guidelines, water fountains, sanitary stations, help charts and more. Special attention has also been given to the gym flooring to ensure there is sufficient space and everything is well organized. While there is a lot of room for you to workout, Bally also designed their gyms so that you can meet and talk with your friends.

Personal Training with a Difference

Of all the services and amenities at Bally Total Fitness, it is their personal training service that truly makes a big difference. Unlike those provided by other clubs the trainers at Bally have been trained so that they can provide the proper exercise routines and methodologies that will reduce your risk of acquiring an injury. Using this practical approach you don’t have to worry about getting hurt or that you won’t get the results you want.

During your entire time as a member at Bally their trainers will focus not just on getting you in shape but also help reach whatever goals you have in mind. Aside from the customized workout program, your nutrition and diet will also be looked into as well. While all of this is being done, Bally also ensures that you are having fun while doing it, so in due time working out becomes second nature.

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