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Oct, 2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price

Young Adult (Ages 12 to 29)

1 Year Agreement (One Person)
Enrollment Fee (Young Adult) $125.00
Monthly Fee (Young Adult) $79.00
Cancellation Fee Young Adult) $0.00

Mid Adult (Ages 24 to 29)

1 Year Agreement (Mid Adult)
Enrollment Fee (Mid Adult) $125.00
Monthly Fee (Mid Adult) $109.00
Cancellation Fee (Mid Adult) $0.00

Adult (Ages 30+)

1 Year Agreement (Adult)
Enrollment Fee (Adult) $225.00
Monthly Fee (Adult) $159.00
Cancellation Fee (Adult) $0.00


1 Year Agreement. Self & spouse, 1 parent & 1 child (age 21 or younger)
Enrollment Fee (Couple) $275.00
Monthly Fee Fee (Couple) $259.00
Cancellation Fee (Couple) $0.00


1 Year Agreement. Self, spouse & up to 2 children (age 21 or younger)
Enrollment Fee (Family) $325.00
Monthly Fee Fee (Family) $309.00
Cancellation Fee (Family) $0.00

Senior (Ages 65 and Over)

1 Year Agreement (Per Senior)
Enrollment Fee (Senior) $225.00
Monthly Fee (Senior) $129.00
Cancellation Fee (Senior) $0.00

Senior Couple (Ages 65 and Over)

1 Year Agreement. Self & spouse both age 65+
Enrollment Fee (Senior Couple) $275.00
Monthly Fee (Senior Couple) $229.00
Cancellation Fee (Senior Couple) $0.00
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About Newtown Athletic 

The Newtown Athletic Club is a place where people of ALL ages can have fun, socialize, and get fit, all at the same time. The Newtown Athletic actually started out as a club for people who play racquetball.

Back then, the company operated 11 racquetball courts. In 2022, it’s grown into a health and fitness club with more features provided other than racquetball courts.

How to Join Newtown Athletic Club

Customers simply need to visit their website and click on the “Become a Member” button located on the upper right corner. They will be redirected to a new page with a form for their name and contact details. Once submitted, customers have to wait for Newtown Athletic Clubs for the response.

Membership to Newtown Athletic Club is by type, not tiers. This essentially means each membership type has perks that benefit a specific demographic.

These membership types are the following: adult individual, couple, family, seniors (individual and partners), mid-adults, young adults and adolescents, and lastly, individuals in active service (military, fire department, and police).

Most of these membership types have discounts.

Guest Pass Information

For individuals with reservations on joining or committing to Newtown Athletic Club, they can check the guest section of the website for a more detailed description of the guest policies they currently have.

The short version is that Newtown Athletic Club doesn’t have a guest pass, but they allow children under 2 years of age, as long as they’re accompanied by a member. Non-local guests have different rates.

Why Join Newtown Athletic Club        

Members of Newtown Athletic Club enjoy many of the amenities provided in their health clubs. Here’s a few of the many features waiting for customers:

Wide Facilities

Newtown Athletic Club gives heavy emphasis on space. Locker rooms, yoga spaces, pools, courts, and workout areas have enough space for groups of people.

Working out inside Newtown Athletic Club is more fun than ever with the freedom of movement that comes with spaces. And since the pandemic is ongoing, wide spaces help members maintain social distance.

High-Quality Training Equipment

Newtown Athletic Club’s members have different fitness goals that require different types of machines and equipment.

The fitness club has several types of gym equipment available, from cardio machines to treadmills, and dedicated racks for plates and free weights.

Aside from the machines and the free weights, Newtown Athletic Club’s HIIT areas feature functional training equipment such as bars, tires, and grappling ropes, just to name a few.

Indoor Pools

Some gym goers prefer cooldowns in the sauna or steam room, while some want to literally cool down in a swimming pool. Newtown Athletic Clubs swimming pools does more than assist in cooldowns though. For people who want to exercise without significant joint impact, then pool exercises are the better alternative.

Restaurants and Bars

Not all gyms are created equal, and Newtown Athletic Club makes sure they’re on top. NAC is one of the very few health and fitness clubs that has its own poolside bar and full service restaurant.

Members can even have outdoor dining for lunch, and get to experience fun social events during the weekends.

Group Classes

All kinds of group activities and exercises are available at Newtown Athletic Club. Instructors take the lead on classes like yoga, pilates, cycling, and HIIT. 

Newtown Athletic Club’s new approach to dance exercises is PULSE: members go all-out in their exercise in the 3000 square foot wide facility, complete with lights, sounds, and lively dance instructors.

Kid Classes

Even kids have to stay healthy, and the good news is Newtown Athletic Club’s kid classes. Aside from the childcare provided by the fitness club, there’s also a summer camp to help train kids’ physical and mental capabilities.

The Kid’s classes are headed by competent professionals who have years worth of experience, as well as certification to prove their skills in child care.

Changes since COVID19

Newtown Athletic Club has ensured that their members’ safety and health are their main priority during the pandemic. In its operating hours, the fitness club does temperature checks. They also have a mask policy but vaccinated individuals have the option of wearing them.

Due to Newtown Athletic Club’s wide open spaces, maintaining social distancing at all times is achievable. Newtown Athletic club has dedicated personnel for frequent cleaning, aside from requiring members to cooperate with cleanliness standards inside the premises.

Classes will also be limited to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission, and reservations need to be made 24 hours, regardless of the class type.

As for cleaning materials, Newtown Athletic Club uses electrostatic sprays and a “fogging” or “mist” application to ensure all nooks and crannies of the facilities are clean.

For more information about Newtown Athletic Club, visit their official website.

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Newtown Athletic Club FAQ

How much is Newtown Athletic club?

Membership fees begin at $79 per month for a Young adult membership.

How much is a senior membership at Newtown Athletic club?

Senior (Ages 65 and Over, 1 Year Agreement) – $129.00/month.

How much is family plan at Newtown Athletic club?

Family:1 Year Agreement. Self, spouse & up to 2 children (age 21 or younger) – $309.00/month.