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Oct, 2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.
Item Price

Monthly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $99.99
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $197.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Monthly) $49.99

Yearly Membership

One Club Access

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Yearly) $99.99
Yearly Fee (One Person) (Yearly) $2,364.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Yearly) $49.99
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About Fit Body Boot Camp

Fit Body Boot Camp is a fitness center franchise with international locations. Fit Body Boot Camp specializes in 30-minute weight loss exercises. It’s a fitness center that focuses on HIIT  to make individuals become healthier.


Fit Body Boot Camp encourages individuals to use the free 3-day trial available. The fitness company believes this will present customers a good deal before signup.

Signup can both be in-person and online. But, most locations would have customers do the latter. This is because some states have not yet allowed businesses to operate. Customers can check with the nearest Fit Body Boot Camp for more information.

Membership price varies by location. The Fit Body Boot Camp has taken an initiative to make a list of links for members. These links redirect to the website of the nearest Fit Body Boot Camp.

The specific website will display the membership prices. It includes the perks of each membership tier.

Fit Body Boot Camp Guest Pass

Fit Body Boot Camp allows free trial for anyone. To avail of the free 3-day trial, customers only have to fill out a form. It’s available on the website, and only needs a name and contact details.

Expert Nutritional Advice

Fit Body Boot Camp has experts when it comes to nutrition. Not nutritionists, but highly-competent staff that provide science-backed advice. The diets programs are smart. Custom meal plans may be an option (at an extra price, of course) for the member.

Whether the customer is looking to lose weight or gain muscle, Fit Body Boot Camp’s fitness advice is best.

Some branches of Fit Body Boot Camp provide nutritional coaching. That is, expert advice from registered nutritionists. These nutritional coaches help individuals establish a healthy diet.

It comes at an extra price. The good thing is, the benefits outweigh the costs associated with nutritional coaching.

Strong Sense of Community

If members are looking for a workout gym that includes social interaction, Fit Body Boot Camp has it. Fit Body Boot Camp is not only a fitness center, they’re also made up of similar-minded individuals.

This also includes professional coaches, and any one who wants to change for the better. If a customer is looking to socialize after their workouts, Fit Body Boot Camp is their place.

Expert Coaches

One of the better perks of being a member of Fit Body Boot Camp is the help members get from expert coaches.

Fit Body Boot Camp advertises that their cardio workouts don’t involve boring treadmills. or complicated machinery. The Fit Body Boot Camp gives sound advice from fitness experts who have done away with equipment.

While this fitness center may not be the ideal place for those looking to pump iron, it’s the best place for people who love workouts that rely on body movements alone. It’s a fitness center ideal for both men and women.

All the coaches in Fit Body Boot Camp have certifications, so members have guaranteed that they get only the best advice.

Virtual Classes

Due to the pandemic, most of Fit Body Boot Camp’s locations are closed, but they still provide their customers with high-quality video content. In fact, searching for their name on Youtube will bring up some fitness class videos, all for free.

Shorter Workouts, Better Results

Fit Body Boot Camp is focused on delivering results to their customers. While most gyms don’t really care about how much time you spend in the gym as long as you’re paying, Fit Body Boot Camp does.

Training is as short as 30 minutes, and the company is results-oriented in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Fit Body Boot Camp also recommends only working out three to four times a week. The company believes not many people can afford to take off much time from their schedules, hence, the 30 minute workouts.


Since there’s no real emphasis on using equipment at Fit Body Boot Camp, it’s beginner friendly. There’s also a mandatory orientation class for would-be members to help them understand what the workouts would be like.

The Fit Body Boot Camp strongly recommends that ALL members go through the orientation.

Changes Since COVID19

Some of the major changes that happened in Fit Body Boot Camp include transitioning from in-studio workouts to live streaming workouts. The virtual workouts are similar in structure as the ones performed in-studio.

Fit Body Boot Camp’s Fit Body Protocol is a set of guidelines that help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

This includes social distancing and hand sanitation, as well as the wearing of face masks. The Fit Body Protocol may have some certain leeways depending on where the location is, as the coronavirus situation for 2022 is slightly better.

For more information about Fit Body Boot Camp, visit their official website.

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Fit Body Boot Camp FAQ

How much does fit body boot camp cost?

It is advised for you to ask your preferred club for the specific amount of Fit Body Boot Camp prices that you need to pay; it actually depends on the location of your camp. The total fee vary according to the type of membership that you choose to join. Considered to be reasonable rate when compared to other membership fees of fitness centers in the industry, you will be charged the price of about $200 to $230 a month.

What is fit body boot camp initiation fee?

Initiation Fee -$99.99 per person.

How much is fit body boot camp monthly?

Monthly Fee – $197.99 per person.