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Updated: July 07, 2024

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Looking for an affordable fitness center to help you achieve your fitness goals without breaking the bank? Blink Fitness is a name worth considering. Let’s take a closer look at Blink Fitness prices, membership options, initiation fees, annual fees, and commitment periods, as well as discuss the facilities and services they provide, so you will have all the details you need to make an informed decision.


Monthly Memberships

GREEN (Access to 100 Locations)

Per Person with No Commitment
Monthly Fee (Green)$39.00
Cancellation Fee (Green)$0.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (Green)$59.99

BLUE (Access to 92 Locations)

Per Person with 12-Month Commitment
Monthly Fee (Blue)$30.00
Cancellation Fee (Blue)$0.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (Blue)$59.99

ORANGE (Single Gym Access)

Per Person with No Commitment
Monthly Fee (Orange)$10.00
Cancellation Fee (Orange)$0.00
Annual Maintenance Fee (Orange)$59.99
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About Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Blink Fitness offers a range of membership options designed to cater to different needs and preferences. The Blink Fitness membership cost can vary depending on the location, and it’s essential to understand the differences between them.

Here’s a breakdown of the various Blink Fitness membership options and their associated costs:

1. Blink Fitness Blue Membership

  • Monthly Fee: $23.00
  • Annual Fee: $56.99
  • Cancellation Fee: $0.00

2. Blink Fitness Green Membership

  • Monthly Fee: $32.00
  • Annual Fee: $56.99
  • Cancellation Fee: $0.00

3. Blink Fitness Gray Membership

  • Monthly Fee: $15.00
  • Annual Fee: $56.99
  • Cancellation Fee: $0.00

4. Blink Fitness Orange Membership

  • Monthly Fee: $10.00
  • Annual Fee: $56.99
  • Cancellation Fee: $0.00

Please note that membership costs may vary between locations, so it’s advisable to check with your local Blink Fitness gym for the most accurate pricing information.

Membership Overview

Understanding the differences between these membership options is crucial to making an informed choice:

  • Blue Membership: This membership provides access to select Blink Fitness locations. It also allows you to bring a guest with you and offers unlimited use of the Blink Fitness app.
  • Green Membership: The Green Membership is the most comprehensive option, granting access to over 100 Blink Fitness locations. It offers a wide range of benefits and is ideal for members who seek variety and flexibility in their workouts.
  • Gray and Orange Memberships: These memberships provide access to one Blink Fitness location, with Gray Membership allowing access to select locations. The Orange Membership is the most budget-friendly but offers limited gym access.

Blink Fitness Annual Membership Cost

Regardless of your membership choice, all Blink Fitness memberships come with an annual fee of $56.99. This annual fee is typically due every third Monday of the month after you join the gym and contributes to the maintenance and upkeep of the gym’s facilities and equipment.

Blink Fitness Monthly Membership Costs

Monthly membership costs at Blink Fitness are affordable and designed to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Here is an overview of the monthly fees for Blink Fitness memberships:

  • Blue Membership: $23.00 per month
  • Green Membership: $32.00 per month
  • Gray Membership: $15.00 per month
  • Orange Membership: $10.00 per month

These monthly fees may vary based on your chosen location and membership type. Blue and Gray memberships do not require a 12-month commitment, making them flexible options for those who prefer shorter membership periods. On the other hand, the Green and Orange memberships have a 12-month commitment.

How Much is the Blink Fitness Initiation Fee?

One of the advantages of joining Blink Fitness is the absence of an initiation fee. Unlike some other gyms, Blink Fitness does not charge a separate fee to start your membership. It’s essential to consult the pricing details specific to your chosen membership plan to ensure that you only pay the monthly fee.

Blink Fitness 12-Month Commitment Cost

The Orange Membership plan at Blink Fitness comes with a 12-month commitment. For this membership, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $10.00 and an annual cost of $56.99.

Buyout Fee and Notice Required for Blink Fitness Cancellation

If you ever decide to cancel your Blink Fitness membership, it’s crucial to understand the associated fees and notice requirements. The buyout fee and the number of days’ notice required for cancellation may vary depending on your location. Here’s a breakdown:

  • New York: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • New Jersey: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • Massachusetts: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • Michigan: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • Florida: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • Texas: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 45 days
  • Pennsylvania: Buyout Fee – $50, Notice Period – 45 days
  • California: Buyout Fee – $50, Notice Period – 30 days
  • Illinois: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 30 days
  • Veterans: Buyout Fee – $60, Notice Period – 30 days

After the initial 12 months of your Blue, Green, or Orange membership, it transitions into a month-to-month contract, and the buyout fee is waived. However, you are still required to provide notice if you wish to cancel your membership.

Blink Fitness Month-to-Month Option

While the Blue and Gray memberships do not include a 12-month commitment, Blink Fitness offers month-to-month membership options. If you opt for the Blue or Gray membership, you will only pay the applicable monthly fee for the gym or gyms you wish to access. This flexibility is ideal for members who prefer shorter-term commitments.

Can I Freeze My Blink Fitness Membership?

If you ever need to temporarily stop your membership due to various reasons, Blink Fitness offers the option to freeze your membership for a minimum of three months. During the freeze period, your membership will not be charged, and you won’t have access to Blink Fitness gyms or facilities.

To freeze your membership, you must visit the nearest Blink Fitness gym or contact customer support for assistance. You may be required to provide supporting documentation for your freeze request, such as a doctor’s note or proof of military service, depending on the reason for the freeze.

Blink Fitness Deals and Discounts

Getting the best value for your membership doesn’t always mean seeking the lowest price available. Blink Fitness offers a range of services and benefits to its members, making it a great place to start. Here are some of the deals and discounts available to Blink Fitness members:

Blink Fitness Student Discount: Blink Fitness provides special summer discounts to students. Before signing up for an account, it’s essential to review the terms and conditions and guidelines for student discounts thoroughly.

Blink Fitness Military Discount: Blink Fitness offers special discounts to veterans and military personnel. Be sure to inquire about the available discounts when considering a Blink Fitness membership.

Blink Fitness Senior Discount: While specific Blink Fitness gyms may offer senior discounts, it’s important to note that availability may vary by location. Be sure to check with your local Blink Fitness gym to determine if senior discounts are offered.

Blink Fitness Personal Trainer Cost and Policy

Personal trainers play a crucial role in understanding your fitness needs and guiding you on your fitness journey. Blink Fitness offers personal training options, both in-gym and virtually, to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here’s a breakdown of Blink Fitness personal training costs and policies:

In-Gym Personal Training: In-gym personal training sessions at Blink Fitness cost $42.00 per session. Blink Fitness employs knowledgeable and experienced personal trainers who can assist you in achieving your fitness objectives. The durable equipment and skilled trainers ensure that you receive top-notch guidance and support.

Virtual Personal Training: If you prefer virtual training, Blink Fitness offers virtual personal training sessions for $25.00 per session. You can choose a trainer, book a session, and start training from anywhere, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.

Blink Fitness Guest Pass

If you are a Green or Blue member of Blink Fitness, you are eligible for unlimited guest passes. This means you can bring a guest with you every time you work out. However, there are specific requirements for using guest passes:

  • Guests must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Valid ID and proof of age are required for guests to gain access to the gym.

For more details and information on guest passes, visit the official Blink Fitness website or contact your local Blink Fitness gym.

How to Cancel Your Blink Fitness Membership

Cancelling your Blink Fitness membership is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to be aware of the specific requirements and fees associated with cancellation. Here’s what you need to know about cancelling your Blink Fitness membership:

  • Gray Membership: The Gray membership at Blink Fitness is a no-commitment agreement. You do not have to pay a buyout fee to cancel this membership. Simply provide the required notice, and you can cancel without incurring additional fees. The number of days’ notice required may vary by state.
  • Blue, Green, and Orange Memberships: Blue, Green, and Orange memberships are 12-month contract memberships. To cancel any of these memberships, you must provide notice and pay a buyout fee. The buyout fee and the number of days’ notice required for cancellation vary by state. Be sure to check with your local Blink Fitness gym for the specific details related to cancellation.

If you decide to cancel your Blink Fitness membership within three days of signing up, you will not be charged any fees. Cancelling your membership after this initial three-day period may involve a buyout fee and notice requirements based on your membership type and location.

Blink Fitness provides multiple ways to cancel your membership, including submitting your cancellation through the member portal online or sending your request in writing to your local Blink Fitness club. Accessing the Blink Fitness website or contacting your local gym for specific details will ensure a smooth cancellation process.

Accessing Blink Fitness Locations

It’s important to note that not all Blink Fitness memberships grant access to every Blink Fitness location. Membership plans, such as Gray and Orange, are limited to a single gym, and you’ll need to choose your preferred location. In contrast, the Blue membership allows you to access more than 90 Blink Fitness gyms, providing you with a broad range of options to suit your convenience and fitness goals.

Advantages of Joining Blink Fitness

When you become a member of Blink Fitness, you’ll experience their unique “Feel Good Experience.” The gym is designed to foster a positive and motivating environment, setting it apart from other fitness centers. With highly knowledgeable trainers and staff members, you’re sure to have an enjoyable and effective workout experience. Blink Fitness aims to inspire a positive mindset in all its members, making it a fantastic place for your fitness journey.

Blink Fitness Equipment

Blink Fitness is equipped with a wide variety of cardio and strength training equipment to meet the needs of all its members. The gym features equipment such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowers, elliptical machines, dumbbells, barbells, and benches. Additionally, they offer premium training equipment, including combat ropes, medicine balls, rollers, and resistance bands. Blink Fitness has dedicated functional areas for high-intensity workouts and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Blink Fitness Facilities

After your workout, you can unwind in Blink Fitness’s spacious locker rooms. These facilities include showers, ample storage space, scales, mirrors, shampoo and soap, and toiletry vending machines, providing convenience and comfort for members. The front area of the gym is managed by their friendly staff, offering free Wi-Fi access and a store where you can purchase official merchandise and last-minute workout essentials.

Does Blink Fitness Offer Day Care Services?

Blink Fitness understands that balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with a fitness routine can be challenging. That’s why they have introduced day care services at select locations. This feature is designed to cater to parents and guardians who want to work out without the worry of finding childcare solutions.

Features of Blink Fitness Day Care

When utilizing Blink Fitness day care services, members can expect the following benefits:

  • Professional Supervision: Trained caregivers and staff members supervise the day care area to ensure the safety and well-being of your children while you focus on your workout.
  • Child-Friendly Environment: Blink Fitness creates a welcoming and child-friendly atmosphere in the day care area, making it an enjoyable experience for kids.
  • Age-Appropriate Activities: Depending on the location, the day care area may offer age-appropriate activities, games, and toys to keep children engaged and entertained during their stay.
  • Convenient Hours: Blink Fitness strives to provide day care services during convenient hours, allowing parents to work out at their preferred times.

Blink Fitness Review

Before making a decision to join Blink Fitness, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons of this fitness center. Here’s a review of the key aspects of Blink Fitness:


  • Affordable membership options cater to various budgets.
  • A range of membership types to choose from, allowing flexibility.
  • No initiation fee for starting your membership.
  • The Green Membership provides access to over 100 Blink Fitness locations.
  • No buyout fee for Gray Membership cancellations.
  • High-quality customer service and clean facilities.
  • Unlimited guest passes for Green and Blue members.
  • Access to virtual personal training for flexibility.
  • Freeze option for memberships, allowing temporary stops.


  • Blue, Green, and Orange memberships have a 12-month commitment and a buyout fee for cancellations.
  • Some locations may not offer senior discounts.

In conclusion, Blink Fitness is a reputable fitness center with a strong emphasis on affordability, quality customer service, and flexibility. The range of membership options and facilities ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just getting started on your fitness journey. Before joining, carefully assess your budget, fitness goals, and location preferences to choose the most suitable membership plan. Consider speaking with the staff at your local Blink Fitness gym to get a feel for the environment and the level of customer service you can expect.

Blink Fitness strives to provide a positive and motivating fitness experience, and it’s up to you to decide if it aligns with your fitness goals and expectations.

For more information about membership and how you can avail of the free trial, please visit the official website.

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