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September, 2021. Prices on this site are updated each month.

Unheralded choreographer Carrie Rezabek founded “Pure Barre” in 2006 from prior experience in ballet, Pilates and weights. Self-educated in dancing and choreography, her background was Michigan State for her bachelor’s and Wayne State for law school.

Rezabek is committed to a mission of empowering and rejuvenating women of all ages through single-minded workouts.  Her first studio, in Birmingham (MI) was a pure-barre, thence adopted to other low-impact regimens but still generally for women.

As a trim exercise choreographer, Carrie Rezabek is also brand ambassador for Luluemon Athletica in the San Diego area.  Luluemon makes clothes for yoga, “sticky socks” for the gym (both advertised on the gym Web pages) and has since diversified into beer.

Below are the latest Pure Barre prices.

Item Price


1 Month Unlimited

Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $199.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited) $0.00

1 Month Unlimited Special

Initiation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $100.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (1 Month Unlimited Special) $0.00


1 Class $22.00
5 Classes $100.00
10 Classes $190.00
15 Classes $270.00
20 Classes $340.00
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Without really investing on advertising and promotions for the chain, Ms. Rezabek as sole owner of Pure Barre has done missionary work to promote the low-impact regimens elsewhere in Michigan, five locations in California, in Kentucky and Tennessee.  In fact, the chain claimed 200 locations as of 2013.

The Service Concept

Pure Barre draws on the ultra-feminine appeal of ballet, elements of yoga floor exercises, and the widespread following of the Pilates philosophy of control via concentration, centering, flow or efficiency of movement, precision and power breathing.  Requiring no equipment more complicated than exercise balls and yoga floor mats, similarly, Pilates and yoga classes have been held in community centers, gyms, and physiotherapy rooms.

Consistent with that overall philosophy, Pure Barre attempts to overcome gym student inertia by proclaiming that the workouts can be done without benefit of dancing or gym experience.  Anyone who can hold on to the ballet barre can join.  At the same time, instructors hasten to assure novices, they must expect to work hard using light weights, a ball, and a tube.  Individual yoga mats are available on the premises.

The 55-minute workout routines are all set to music.  The five Pure Barre workout steps are: warm up, thigh work, seat work, and ab work. The combination of ballet, Pilates and standard aerobics-class weight training starts with light weights, then move to the ballet bar for a series of movements to focus on abdominal and butt muscles.

This is why Pure Barre promises a custom-built total body workout that enables every client to reach her goals no matter what shape she starts with and no matter what body parts need work.  There could be a bit of over-promise here, that the Pure Barre system works for the beginner at any level of experience and fitness.

The rationale is that instructors teach each beginner client all the basic positions and movements in the barre studio and subsequently show them how to work more intensively on their problem areas.  To avoid ennui, the establishment continuously alters music and positions for all classes.

The five levels run by the studio to work on problem areas are:

  • Introduction: “Breaking Down the Barre” – a complimentary class to deepen understanding of Pure Barre technique.  Each patron also gets an overview of the exercises and workouts that work for problem areas, mainly to convince them to move forward to the more intensive exercises #two to #five (below) when ready.
  • Intensive: “Fab Abs” – A longer 75 minute workout with the additional time devoted to the goal of “burning away” fat and getting toned, sculpted, sexy abs in return.
  • Intensive: “Slenderize Outer Thighs” – Equally long at 75 minutes, this regimen devotes the supplementary time to additional intense seat work for that stubborn outer thigh area and to slim down the waist.
  • Intensive: “Lifted Seat” – Another 1 hour and 15 minute session of intense seat work to lift, tighten, and tone one’s buttocks.
  • Intensive: “Bye Bye Inner Thighs” – A 75 minute workout also offering the Pure Barre total body workout ending with intense thigh work to sculpt the inner thighs, resulting in slender and sexy upper legs.
  • “Pure Barre Lite” – Slowing down the pace for women who should build up stamina and strength first.

Recommended Attire

For maximum exercise flexibility, the gym recommends pants, leggings or capris that one is comfortable in (but no shorts) and a top that covers your midriff. You will see faster results in your flexibility this way.  The elastic, studded “sticky socks” are also recommended for workouts on the carpet and wooden floors.

Mixed Classes

Just as men also try out Zumba class, Pure Barre runs “Bring on the Men” promotions for the sake of companionship and intimacy with husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, and friends.

Membership Rates

Pricing may vary by venue but these are representative: one-use Class Pass = $20 or $23.00, five classes = $100, package of ten = $200, 15 classes = $250, one month unlimited = $150/ $175/ $225 and $100 for new members in new sites.

For more information about Pure Barre , visit their official website.