How to Make the Most of Your Arm Workouts

There are plenty of equipment in places like Gold’s Gym, but unless you use the right approach you’ll never develop those killer biceps nor build up the strength level you want. If you want to get bigger arms, it takes more than just putting in the hours as you also need to be smart about the way you’re working out.

Avoid Straining

Avoid_Straining_GymMembershipFeesBuilding powerful biceps take time, and it isn’t going to happen overnight. While there’s no question you need to give your arms a good workout, stressing them to the point of muscle failure will lead to injury and slow down your progress. If you’re a gym newbie, start with a low set / repetition number and work your way up slowly. Everyone proceeds on their own pace and you don’t need to feel compelled to catch up with the others.

Increasing the Intensity

Increasing_Intensity_GymMembershipFeesOnce your arms have grown accustomed to the weight you’re lifting, it’s time you move up the intensity level and add to the sets and / or reps gradually. The more often you work out your arms, the quicker your progression will be, but you must still have a rest period during workouts to prevent strain. Your personal trainer should be able to help you with regards to progression and the number of sets and reps you should work on.

Add Multi-Joint Workouts

Multi-Joint_Workouts_GymMembershipFeesTo get the maximum benefit you mustn’t just concentrate on your arms, because you also need to target your shoulders, chest and back. Your joints also need to get a good workout as well. Different types of exercises can be done, but emphasis should be on pull downs, bench press and shoulder presses The majority of your arm muscles are in the triceps group, so it’s imperative that you perform workouts like dips because it targets this muscle group.

Stick to a Workout Routine

Workout_Routine_GymMembershipFeesAdding sets and repetitions is necessary, but avoid switching from one training program to another because results are taking too long. The fact is, constantly switching from one routine to another will slow your progress down. If you want more details or shape, just add to the reps or sets.

Stretching and Form

Stretching_Form_GymMembershipFeesOne of the things that beginners often overlook is stretching, and it is really quite important because it allows blood to flow and it allows muscles to fill up and extend. Aside from stretching, you also need to pay attention to form. Your gym instructor will tell you that form is essential for maximizing your muscle potential. In addition, you mustn’t think you need to do complicated workouts to get bigger arms. That’s not necessary at all, because intensity and regularity are far more important in developing any muscle group.

Finally, keep in mind that fitness centers like LA Fitness provide their members with personal trainers who will formulate the proper training regimen that matches your current physical capabilities. By enrolling in a gym you’ll give more than just your arms a workout, but your entire body.

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