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Monthly Memberships

Month-to-Month + M Virtual Fitness


Initiation Fee (One Person) (Month-to-Month)$0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Month-to-Month)$46.50
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Month-to-Month)$0.00


Initiation Fee (2 Persons) (Month-to-Month)$0.00
Monthly Fee (2 Persons) (Month-to-Month)$82.50
Cancellation Fee (2 Persons) (Month-to-Month)$0.00

Family (3 or more people)

Initiation Fee (Family) (Month-to-Month)$0.00
Monthly Fee (Family) (Month-to-Month)$102.50
Cancellation Fee (Family) (Month-to-Month)$0.00

Premium Memberships

6-Month Agreement + 10% discount at M Cafe and MShop, 6 guest passes, M Virtual Fitness


Initiation Fee (One Person) (Premium)$0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Premium)$41.50
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premium)$0.00


Initiation Fee (Couple) (Premium)$0.00
Monthly Fee (Couple) (Premium)$76.50
Cancellation Fee (Couple) (Premium)$0.00

Family (3 or more people)

Initiation Fee (Family) (Premium)$0.00
Monthly Fee (Family) (Premium)$97.50
Cancellation Fee (Family) (Premium)$0.00

Premium Plus Memberships

12-Month Agreement + 15% discount at M Cafe and MShop, 12 guest passes, M Virtual Fitness


Initiation Fee (One Person) (Premium Plus)$0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Premium Plus)$38.50
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premium Plus)$0.00


Initiation Fee (Couple) (Premium Plus)$0.00
Monthly Fee (Couple) (Premium Plus)$72.50
Cancellation Fee (Couple) (Premium Plus)$0.00

Family (3 or more people)

Initiation Fee (Family) (Premium Plus)$0.00
Monthly Fee (Family) (Premium Plus)$90.50
Cancellation Fee (Family) (Premium Plus)$0.00
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About Mountainside Fitness

Are you interested in joining Mountainside Fitness? Before you make a decision, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of Mountainside Fitness prices, membership options and other related details. Mountainside Fitness offers a range of membership options to suit various preferences and budgets.

Mountainside Fitness Membership Cost

Mountainside Fitness is known for its state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities. Let’s explore the various membership options and pricing offered by Mountainside Fitness.

Monthly Memberships

Monthly plans come with a $35.00 processing fee, and here are the details for different types of monthly memberships:

1. Mountainside Fitness Individual Membership Prices:

  • Initiation Fee (One Person): $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (One Person): $43.00
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person): $0.00

2. Mountainside Fitness Couple Membership Prices:

  • Initiation Fee (2 Persons): $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (2 Persons): $79.95
  • Cancellation Fee (2 Persons): $0.00

3. Mountainside Fitness Family Membership Prices (3 or more people):

  • Initiation Fee (3 People or More): $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (3 People or More): $99.95
  • Cancellation Fee (3 People or More): $0.00

4. Mountainside Fitness Individual Membership Prices (18 Month Commitment):

  • Initiation Fee (One Person) (18 Month Commitment): $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (One Person) (18 Month Commitment): $36.85
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) (18 Month Commitment): $0.00

5. Mountainside Fitness Couple Membership Prices (18 Month Commitment):

  • Initiation Fee (2 Persons) (18 Month Commitment): $0.00
  • Monthly Fee (2 Persons) (18 Month Commitment): $68.30
  • Cancellation Fee (2 Persons) (18 Month Commitment): $0.00

Yearly Memberships

Yearly plans come with a $35 processing fee, and here are the details for different types of yearly memberships:

1. Mountainside Fitness Individual Membership Prices (with a $20 enhancement fee):

  • Initiation Fee (One Person) (Yearly): $0.00
  • Annual Cost (One Person) (Yearly): $442.00
  • Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Yearly): $0.00

2. Mountainside Fitness Couple Membership Prices (with a $40 enhancement fee):

  • Initiation Fee (2 People): $0.00
  • Annual Cost (2 People): $840.00
  • Cancellation Fee (2 People): $0.00

3. Mountainside Fitness Family Membership Prices (3 or more people) (with a $55 enhancement fee):

  • Initiation Fee (3 Persons or More): $0.00
  • Annual Cost (3 Persons or More): $1,020.00
  • Cancellation Fee (3 Persons or More): $0.00

What Determines the Cost of a Mountainside Fitness Membership?

The cost of a Mountainside Fitness membership can vary based on several factors:

  1. Type of Membership: Mountainside Fitness offers various membership types, including individual, couple, family, and those with an 18-month commitment. The cost differs depending on the type you choose.
  2. Location: The location of the Mountainside Fitness gym you choose can affect the membership cost, as some areas may have different pricing structures.
  3. Additional Benefits: Prices range between $29.99 and $99.99 per month, with basic memberships offering access to gym equipment and facilities during regular hours. If you desire additional benefits such as unlimited group fitness classes or access to premium facilities like saunas or pools, you may need to pay more.
  4. Special Rates: Mountainside Fitness also offers special rates for specific groups such as students, seniors, and military personnel, which can provide discounts on membership costs.

To get an accurate quote for a membership package that suits your needs, it’s best to contact your local Mountainside Fitness directly. This way, you can receive personalized information and pricing based on your specific requirements.

Month-to-Month Membership Costs

Mountainside Fitness provides two primary membership options: monthly and yearly. Let’s break down the costs for each of these options.

  • Monthly Membership for Individuals: $43.00 per month.
  • Monthly Membership for Couples: $79.95 per month.
  • Monthly Membership for Families (up to 3 members): $99.95 per month.

It’s important to note that monthly plans come with a $35.00 processing fee. However, when you consider that, if you work out five days a week, it costs approximately $2.15 per day, the value becomes apparent, given the top-notch facilities and services offered by Mountainside Fitness.

Membership with 18-Month Commitment

Opting for an 18-month commitment can be a cost-effective choice compared to a month-to-month membership. Here are the prices for these commitment-based memberships:

  • Individual Membership with 18-Month Commitment: $36.85 per month.
  • Couple Membership with 18-Month Commitment: $68.30 per month.

By choosing the 18-month commitment, you can save on your monthly membership fees and ensure your long-term fitness journey is both affordable and convenient.

Annual Membership Costs

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to join Mountainside Fitness for an extended period, an annual membership is your best option. Here are the prices for annual memberships:

  • Individual Membership (with a $20 enhancement fee): $442.00 per year.
  • Couple Membership (with a $40 enhancement fee): $840.00 per year.
  • Family Membership (3 or more people) (with a $55 enhancement fee): $1,020.00 per year.

Annual plans have a $35 processing fee. These annual memberships come with various benefits, making them an attractive option for those who are committed to their fitness goals.

Benefits of an Annual Membership at Mountainside Fitness

Opting for an annual membership at Mountainside Fitness comes with several advantages:

  1. Discounted Rates: Annual members enjoy reduced rates compared to monthly members, making it a cost-effective choice.
  2. Free Guest Passes: Annual members can bring friends and family to the gym with free guest passes, allowing them to share the fitness experience.
  3. Access to All Locations: Annual members can visit any Mountainside Fitness location in Arizona, providing flexibility and convenience.
  4. Access to Amenities: Annual members have access to a range of amenities, including group fitness classes, individual training, and the latest fitness equipment.
  5. Free Fitness Consultation: Annual members receive a complimentary fitness consultation with a certified trainer who will help them set and achieve their fitness goals.
  6. Early Access: Annual members can access the gym early, enabling them to work out at their own pace and avoid peak crowd times.
  7. Better Value: For those planning to use the gym regularly and save money over time, an annual membership represents a better value.
  8. Motivation: Committing to a year-long membership can provide motivation and consistency in maintaining a fitness regimen and achieving personal goals.

Discounts on Prepaid Memberships

Mountainside Fitness offers discounts on prepaid memberships, allowing members to save money by paying for an extended duration in advance. The discount amount may vary depending on the type of membership and the chosen duration. Prepaid memberships are an excellent choice for those who want to secure their fitness commitment and enjoy savings.

Prepaid Membership Costs

Prepaid memberships at Mountainside Fitness come in various durations, ranging from 1 month to 3 years. The cost of a prepaid membership depends on the type and duration. In general, longer-term prepaid memberships offer lower monthly rates compared to shorter-term options. Here’s an example of a 12-month prepaid membership:

  • 12-Month Prepaid Membership for One Person: $499 (equivalent to $42 per month).

Please note that prices can vary depending on the location and any promotional offers available. For specific pricing details, it’s recommended to contact your local Mountainside Fitness Club.

Cancellation of Your Mountainside Fitness Membership

You may be wondering about the possibility of canceling your Mountainside Fitness membership. The procedure for canceling your membership can vary depending on the type of membership you’ve chosen and the length of time you’ve been a member. Here’s an overview of the cancellation process:

  • Monthly-to-Month Membership: If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel it at any time without incurring additional charges. To cancel, you need to notify the company in writing within 10 weeks of the next billing date. This can be done in person at a Mountainside Fitness location or by sending an email to their membership department.
  • Cancellation Fees: The presence and amount of cancellation fees can vary based on your membership agreement. It’s crucial to thoroughly review your membership contract and discuss the terms with a staff member to understand any associated charges.
  • Notice Period: Certain memberships may require a specific notice period before cancellation. Be sure to read and understand the terms outlined in your membership agreement to avoid any surprises when canceling.

It’s essential to be aware of the cancellation policy specific to your membership, as this will determine the steps and fees involved in ending your Mountainside Fitness membership.

Freezing Your Mountainside Fitness Membership

Mountainside Fitness allows its members to freeze their memberships for a minimum period of 30 days to 180 days in a calendar year. Freezing your membership can provide flexibility when life circumstances temporarily affect your ability to use the gym. Here’s how freezing your membership works:

  • To freeze your membership, you need to complete an application form for a freeze, which is available in the reception area at every Mountainside Fitness location.
  • There is a fee for each month of freezing, typically $10, and the freeze begins at the start of the next billing cycle.
  • Importantly, the duration of your prepaid membership will be extended by the time of the freeze, and you won’t be charged for your monthly membership fee during the freezing period.

Freezing your membership can be a valuable option for members who anticipate short-term interruptions in their gym routine and wish to avoid paying for unused months.

Cost of Personal Training Sessions at Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness offers personal training sessions, which can be an excellent way to receive individualized support and guidance for your fitness journey. The cost of personal training sessions depends on the package you choose. There are three primary options:

  • One Session: $65 per session.
  • Ten Sessions: $55 per session, totaling $550 for the package.
  • Twenty Sessions: $50 per session, totaling $1,000 for the package.

Personal training sessions at Mountainside Fitness are designed to cater to your specific fitness goals and preferences. The instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, ensuring you receive personalized guidance on your fitness journey. It’s important to note that the cost of individual training sessions can vary depending on the location and any special offers or discounts available.

Group Fitness Classes at Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness offers a diverse selection of group fitness classes suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you’re looking to burn calories through high-intensity aerobics, build strength with weight-based exercises, or relax with yoga classes, Mountainside Fitness has a class to meet your needs. These classes are led by highly experienced and certified instructors, ensuring you receive a quality workout in a friendly and energetic group setting.

Accepted Forms of Payment at Mountainside Fitness

Mountainside Fitness accepts various forms of payment to make the membership process as convenient as possible. You can use the following payment methods:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash

Mountainside Fitness also offers auto-pay services, allowing members to have their monthly dues automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card. In addition, Mountainside Fitness provides corporate membership options for businesses interested in offering health benefits to their employees. For detailed information about payment options and corporate memberships, it’s best to reach out to Mountainside Fitness directly or visit their website.

Free Trial at Mountainside Fitness

If you’re still unsure about joining Mountainside Fitness, you’ll be pleased to know that they offer a free trial to all new members. The duration of the trial may vary depending on the location and current promotions. This free trial is an excellent opportunity to experience the facilities and determine if Mountainside Fitness is the right fit for your fitness goals. To take advantage of the trial, you’ll need to register either online or in person and provide basic information about yourself. After the trial period, you can choose to enroll in a full membership if you decide to continue your fitness journey with Mountainside Fitness.

Is Mountainside Fitness Worth the Price?

The question of whether Mountainside Fitness is worth the cost ultimately depends on your personal fitness goals and budget. If you seek a straightforward fitness experience with access to essential gym equipment, the cost may appear reasonable. However, it’s crucial to consider your own preferences and needs when evaluating the value of a fitness membership.

Additionally, many gyms, including Mountainside Fitness, offer trial memberships at no cost or a reduced price for individuals who want to explore the facilities before committing to an extended subscription. This provides an opportunity to assess whether Mountainside Fitness aligns with your fitness objectives and expectations.

Does Mountainside Fitness Provide Refunds?

Mountainside Fitness does offer refunds in specific situations. If a member is not satisfied with their membership within fourteen days of joining, they may request a full refund. It’s important to note that if the member utilized any facility or service during this period, the refund may be prorated based on usage. After the initial fourteen days of the membership, refunds are generally not offered, except in cases related to medical reasons or relocation outside the service area. To understand the specific refund policy and procedures for your local Mountainside Fitness location, it’s advisable to verify with the gym directly.

Mountainside Fitness Review

I’ve been a member of Mountainside Fitness for the past year, and I must say that my overall experience has been positive. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Mountainside Fitness boasts a wide range of modern exercise equipment, from cardio machines to strength training equipment. They’re well-maintained and regularly updated, ensuring a pleasant workout experience.
  2. Variety of Classes: The fitness center offers an extensive range of group fitness classes, from yoga and Pilates to HIIT and spin. These classes are included in the membership, and the instructors are knowledgeable and motivating.
  3. Hygiene and Cleanliness: The cleanliness and hygiene standards at Mountainside Fitness are top-notch. Staff members are diligent about sanitizing equipment, and the locker rooms and showers are well-maintained.
  4. Friendly Staff: The staff is welcoming and always ready to assist. Whether you need help with equipment or have questions about your membership, they are courteous and accommodating.
  5. Childcare Services: If you’re a parent, Mountainside Fitness offers childcare services, allowing you to work out while your children are in good hands. This convenience is a big plus.
  6. Spacious Facilities: The gym is spacious and never feels overcrowded. This is a huge advantage, especially during peak hours, as you can work out without waiting for machines.
  7. Membership Perks: The membership includes access to all of their locations, which is fantastic for those who travel or prefer to switch things up. They also offer perks like discounted massage and nutrition services.


  1. Pricing: The membership fees are on the higher side compared to some other gyms in the area. While the quality justifies the cost for many, it might not be the best fit for those on a tight budget.
  2. Limited Pool Hours: If you’re a swimmer, you might be disappointed with the limited pool hours, which can be inconvenient for those who prefer to swim early in the morning or late at night.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Cancelling your membership can be a bit tricky, and some members have reported issues with billing even after they’ve canceled.
  4. Crowded during Peak Hours: Although the gym is generally spacious, it can get crowded during peak hours, especially in popular classes. This might mean longer wait times for specific equipment.
  5. Locker Room Size: The locker rooms can feel a bit cramped during peak hours, and more space for changing and showering would be appreciated.

If you want to learn more information about Mountain Fitness, visit their official website.