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Monthly Memberships

Your next monthly membership dues will be billed automatically 30 days from your original join date. Your annual fee will be billed automatically 60 days after you join and then once a year on the same day each year after that, unless otherwise specified for a promotion.

Basic (One Club Access)

12 Month Commitment

Enrollment Fee (One Person) (Basic) (12 Month Commitment) $59.00
First Month Dues (One Person) (Basic) (12 Month Commitment) $14.99
Monthly Dues (One Person) (Basic) (12 Month Commitment) $14.99
Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic) (12 Month Commitment) $49.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) (12 Month Commitment) $0.00


Enrollment Fee (One Person) (Basic) (Month-to-Month) $59.00
First Month Dues (One Person) (Basic) (Month-to-Month) $19.99
Monthly Dues (One Person) (Basic) (Month-to-Month) $19.99
Annual Fee (One Person) (Basic) (Month-to-Month) $49.99
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) (Month-to-Month) $0.00

Premium (Multi-Club Access)

12 Month Commitment

Enrollment Fee (One Person) (Premium) (12 Month Commitment) $59.00
First Month Dues (One Person) (Premium) (12 Month Commitment) $22.99
Monthly Dues (One Person) (Premium) (12 Month Commitment) $22.99
Annual Fee (One Person) (Premium) (12 Month Commitment) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premium) (12 Month Commitment) $0.00


Enrollment Fee (One Person) (Premium) (Month-to-Month) $59.00
First Month Dues (One Person) (Premium) (Month-to-Month) $27.99
Monthly Dues (One Person) (Premium) (Month-to-Month) $27.99
Annual Fee (One Person) (Premium) (Month-to-Month) $49.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premium) (Month-to-Month) $0.00
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About Fitness 19

Fitness 19 started in 2003 by fitness industry experts. It was founded on the belief that traditional gyms didn’t have enough resources to help people become better, health-wise. Fitness 19 is the manifestation of this belief, and the company possesses quality training facilities at affordable prices.

It’s a fitness center for everybody regardless of age or gender. The company has over 40 locations throughout the US.

How to Become A Fitness 19 Member

A quick google search will show Fitness 19’s website and this is where future members start. There’s a drop down button for choosing the state and city. Fitness 19 has branches in 13 states, with the highest concentration in California.

Once the member picks a location, they will be shown a button for the membership tiers available. Each location will have its own membership tier, so it’s best if members visit the branch website.

For example, the Fitness 19 branch in Texas has two types of membership available: the online only-multi-Texas Club, and the Online Only-One Club.

Both of these membership tiers lets members access the general facilities, has a fitness assessment, and more. The Online only-Multi-Texas Club costs 25 bucks a month, and the Online Only-One club costs $10 a month.

Premium membership to Fitness 19 gives members unrestricted access to all locations. Premium plus membership also has this option.

Perks of Being A Fitness 19 Member

There are many perks of being a Fitness 19 member. From high-quality equipment to certified coaches, Fitness 19 has the basics covered. Depending on the location, some perks on this list may not be available.

Strength-training Equipment

Just like many gyms, it’s a standard for Fitness 19 to provide high-quality strength-training equipment. Free weights, resistance machines, and other types of strength equipment are available for anyone who wants to lift.

Fitness 19 has cardio machines, open turf (basically areas where it’s marked as your deadlift area or for doing lunges), olympic platforms, and bumper plates.

Unlimited Classes

Fitness 19 offers unlimited classes to its members. The unlimited classes can either be virtual or in-studio. The types of classes range from intense exercises such as HIIT and cycling, to slower, less intense workouts like yoga.

There’s also Pilates, and fitness classes for the elderly. Group class schedules are also available on the website. Kickboxing is also available for their classes. It’s not just fitness hobbyists now – sports enthusiasts also need training.

A Multitude of Exercises

Fitness 19 offers different types of training aside from weight lifting and resistance training. Fitness 19 has instructors knowledgeable in Bodysculpt (ab workout routine), yoga, Zumba, indoor cycling, HIIT, and more!

Professional Coaches

Fitness 19 gyms also have professional coaching. Members will benefit from the advice given by fitness experts with several years of experience.

Professional coaches help with exercise, nutrition, rest, and even supplementation. The best way to progress faster in the fitness journey is with the help of these coaches.

Fitness 19 gyms only hire fitness coaches that have expertise in several areas of fitness. As such, members don’t have to worry about losing progress or falling behind in terms of achieving their goals. Fitness 19’s coaches help members achieve their fitness goals faster.

Shower and Locker Rooms

It’s a given that all fitness gyms should have their own showers, since most people will be breaking out a sweat from their exercise.

But some gyms fail to provide this basic necessity, so this counts as one of the perks of being a Fitness 19 member. Locker rooms also help secure items, especially for people who just got off work and like to hit the squat rack to relieve mental stress.


Fitness 19 also offers tanning services, which is perfect for weightlifters for their competition prep. It’s also available to anyone who just wants to have a perfect tan for the summer (or any time of the year.)

Guest Pass Information

Fitness 19 offers a guest pass for individuals who hesitate to join gyms. The guest pass is available to anyone who signs up on any of the branches’ websites.

The guest pass allows individuals to use the facilities for 3 days. Customers who head on to the site can fill out the form and wait for the guest pass to be emailed back to them, after which they can show it to the front desk of the location they registered with.

Changes since COVID19

Fitness 19 made sure its members were safe from the coronavirus pandemic. One of the ways they do this is via regular cleaning. Fitness 19 has an “above and beyond” approach to cleaning.

Most states will require business centers to implement policies requiring people to social distance, wear face masks, and perform frequent handwashing.

Fitness 19’s policies are based heavily on state mandates, and the company is doing their best to adapt quickly to these changes. Members can see the updated coronavirus policies on the websites of their preferred location.

For more information about Fitness 19, visit their official website.

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Fitness 19 Membership FAQ

How much is enrollment fee at Fitness 19?

Enrollment fee starts at $59 per person.

How much is Fitness 19 membership?

The membership fees will depend on the location, but they’re usually very affordable and most of them actually allow you to negotiate the price. On the average the lock in fee is $59 while the annual membership fee is $49.99 though in some locations you pay a $15 to $28 monthly fee.

Does Fitness 19 have a kids room?

Their Kids Room is run by highly trained staff that are going to ensure your child is entertained as you go about your fitness routines. Usually these Kids Room is open for children 3 months to 11 years, although the exact age may vary depending on the location. Older adults who want to exercise and do workouts can participate in their Silver Sneakers program, which goes to show that Fitness 19 has programs for everyone regardless of age and physical conditioning.

How much is annual fee for Fitness 19?

Annual fee starts at $49 per person.