Tips for Bigger and Stronger Arms in 2 Weeks

Tight shirts with extra short sleeves are “in” these days. Nothing is more attractive than having those pair of big guns filling and stretching those sleeves to the point of tearing.

If you are given just 2 weeks to get those biceps and triceps bulging there are two things to do; go to the gym and work those arms like an animal.

Understanding the Muscle’s Function

Understanding the Muscle’s Function-GymMembershipFeesThe upper arm is composed of 2 muscle groups; the biceps and the triceps. The biceps account for one-third of the upper arm and the triceps account for two-thirds.

Muscles are tissues of function. The biceps’ function is to pull your forearm to bend your arms from a stretched position. The triceps’ function is to pull your forearms from a bent position back to a stretched or straight position.

If there is any kind of resistance that prevents you from bending your arms, your bicep muscles are getting an exercise. If there’s resistance in straightening your arms from a bent position, your tricep muscle are getting an exercise.


Exercise-GymMembershipFeesExercise is the act of giving your muscle a hard time from their usual work they are doing, so that the individual muscle cells will be broken down. That doesn’t really sound good does it?

But, our body has that innate ability to fix itself and adapt to the new demands. With the case of overworked and broken bicep muscle tissues, they will rebuild themselves and make the newly repaired muscles even bigger and stronger in anticipation of the same degree of workout that you might impose on it again.

The muscle cannot really differentiate between a workout and a life-threatening activity. Given that you eat the right amount of proteins to support repair and over compensation, your muscle will become stronger and bigger.

Progressive Resistance

Progressive Resistance-GymMembershipFeesProgressive resistance was discovered by a guy named Milo from Cretona who decided to get stronger by lifting a small calf every so often. As the calf slowly grew into a full sized bull, so did Milo’s muscles.

Nowadays, we don’t have to carry live animals to get stronger. There are dumbells and barbells and other sophisticated equipment in gyms for us to use for exercise.

Arm Exercises

Arm Exercises-GymMembershipFeesBicep exercises will include all types of curls and rows. Tricep exercises will include all types of extensions and presses. Given enough resistance, your biceps and muscles will get good workouts from these exercises.


But, muscles don’t really grow during exercise. In fact exercise is the anti-thesis of muscular growth. Remember, exercise breaks your muscles down.

Muscles follow a sequence of being broken down, repairing itself and building itself up.

Recovery-GymMembershipFeesExercise merely starts the process. When you subject your muscles to unfamiliar hard work such as using your arms to lift a heavy dumbell or barbell, you are tearing down the muscles in your arms.

Now, those muscles won’t stay torn and broken forever. The human nervous system immediately responds to the broken muscle tissues by calling on all your body systems to fix them.

Your nervous system will instruct all other body systems to utilize the proteins you take in to repair and build the broken muscle tissues. And when they are repaired, the nervous system sends more instructions to fortify and build bigger muscles.

All these repair and growth happen during rest. So, rest is important. If you don’t rest after exercise, your muscle won’t be able to repair itself and they won’t grow.

The process of repairing and building takes about 72 hours.


Gyms-GymMembershipFeesA big part of an effective progressive resistance training program is its design. Given that there are so many things to consider like; the amount of workload that will be given to the muscles, the amount of nutrients and proteins to be ingested and the amount of rest between workouts, it’s best to let a professional take care of all the formulations.

The most important benefit of gaining gym memberships is the services of a professional trainer who will map out all the training and nutrition programs that you will need to attain your objectives, having the strongest and biggest arms possible in 2 weeks, although a bit to exacting, could be one of them.

The best thing that could happen from a gym membership is the possibility of being convinced to aim for more holistic and lasting muscle building goals. Instead of just targeting bigger and stronger arms, you should be convinced to go for achieving an overall aesthetically appealing muscular physique. Instead of a 2 week program, you should be motivated to lead healthy lifetime fitness lifestyle.

There are so many gyms that would be very happy to provide these services. There’s Crossfit, representing the club-type fitness centers. There’s UFC Gym, representing the masculine and aggressive fitness centers.

Having bigger and stronger arms in 2 weeks is achievable just as having a healthy lifestyle and a well sculpted physique for the rest of your life is. The best people who can guide you towards that brief or lifelong journey are found in the gyms that are at your convenience.

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