Five Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

The indoor rowing machine you find in gyms like Anytime Fitness and Curves copies the action of rowing a boat. You’d be surprised to learn that this gym equipment has been in existence for more than 100 years. Today’s rowing machine was the idea of William Curtis who patented a rowing machine in 1871. His idea has been improved through the years, and this has led to many people benefitting from the use of this popular gym equipment. The use of a rowing machine improves a person’s endurance and strength, targeting numerous muscle groups particularly those located in the arms, shoulders, thighs and back.

Rowing machines have numerous benefits. These benefits explain why a rowing machine is one of the most common equipment found in gyms around the world. The advantages of using a rowing machines include:

Efficient burning of calories

People who want to lose weight fast can turn to a rowing machine for their weight-loss goals. A workout using rowing machine can help you burn an average of 600 calories every hour. Compared to other typical gym machines on the market, a rowing machine can burn calories faster. For example, a stationary bike can burn 600 calories only if you ride on it for an hour and 20 minutes.

Good Aerobic Workout

Since it targets numerous muscle groups, a rowing machine can easily increase your heart rate as well as oxygen uptake. In fact some rowing machine models have a heart-rate chest trap that can monitor the user’s heart rate. Exercising using a rowing machine can burn fats quickly, strengthen the lungs and heart, and improve overall health.

Upper Body Conditioning

Have you seen the upper body of a typical rower? Rowers have beefed-up arms and shoulders, and big hands and wrists. Regularly using a rowing machine will also give you the physique of a rower by developing your biceps, pecs and abdominal muscles.

Lower Body Conditioning

The rowing machine also tones the muscles found in the lower body. Rowing enthusiasts will tell you that rowing is primarily a workout for the lower body, and not the upper body as people often think. A rowing machine targets the quads located in the upper front of the thighs, as well as the calves and glutes.

In fact, the full torso including the abs and back are worked out by an indoor rowing machine. So you can conclude that rowing machine makes for an ideal full body workout.

Low Impact

One of the main reasons why people in the gym prefer to use the rowing machine is its low-impact nature. Using a rowing machine won’t cause a lot of stress on the joints. Gym goers, regardless of their age or condition of their knees, can engage in a rowing machine workout without fear of any injury. Although back strain can be caused by rowing machine use, the risk of this injury can be decreased by using the correct rowing form. Proper rowing posture will relieve pressure off the back and allow the legs to do much of the work.

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