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Rowing is highly regarded as an exercise, but you don’t actually have to row on the water to get the benefits it provides. You just need a rowing machine, and you can work out in the comfort of your own home while watching TV. You don’t need to live near the water at all.

Rowing helps to boost your cardiovascular fitness, much like jogging. However, with the rowing machine you spare your knees the continuous shock of the impact when your feet lands on hard ground. This time, you don’t get runner’s knees.

In addition, rowing actually helps you to strengthen your muscles and improve their endurance. This isn’t just for your legs either. It’s for your whole body, as it engages your legs, your core, and your upper body and back. This makes a rowing machine a lot more useful than stationary bikes, which don’t do much for your arms.

It’s not a complicated machine either. It’s very simple to use. You just need to sit down with your back straight while you strap your feet to the stirrups. Then you paddle as hard as you can, and that’s basically it. It’s not all that expensive to buy, and more importantly it’s actually fun to use.

Of course, these benefits are possible only when you get the best rowing machine. Here’s a list of excellent rowing machines to choose from:

[amazon box=”B00NH9WEUA” description=”This is the bestselling rowing machine that every buyer raves about. It offers the advanced Performance Monitor 5 that’s easy to read and that comes with an adjustable arm. The flywheel offers smooth and quiet resistance, while the footrests and the handle are ergonomically designed. You can even separate it into 2 pieces without tools for easier storage. This is the same model used by elite and Olympic athletes. “]

[amazon box=”B00838QN3Y” description=”This includes a chest strap so you can monitor your heart rate. A heart rate program is also included among the 12 workout programs with 6 cardio profiles. There are also 7 preset programs that automatically adjust the magnetic tension as you progress in your workout. The Touch Fitness Monitor is excellent, assembly is easy, and the magnetic resistance allows for a quiet workout. “]

[amazon box=”B00BUVLIIQ” description=”This comes with an internal paddle system and an actual water tank so you can simulate the feel of actually rowing on the water. The display panel is large, and it also displays the heart rate because you have a built-in hear rate receiver. It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds yet when folded and stored upright it only occupies a 20 by 21 inches area. “]

[amazon box=”B003YPZWT2” description=”You can still get a premium quality workout from this basic budget rowing machine. It uses wind resistance and the performance monitor displays several functions. The seat rail is angled so you slide smoothly, the footplates are large, and the seat is well-padded. The floor protectors also keep it from skidding, the built-in wheels let you move it around, and you can fold it for storage when you’re done. “]

[amazon box=”B000A6QIMS” description=”This premium rowing machine is unique in several ways. It’s made of ash wood instead of steel or aluminum, and this wood really absorbs the vibration and sound. It’s not just good-looking and long-lasting, but it also comes from replenishable forests. It’s also so strong that it can handle up to a thousand pounds in weight.This also comes with a water tank and paddles to simulate an authentic rowing experience. “]

[amazon box=”B000AMUFPS” description=”Unlike other rowing machines that need a lot of room, this one only occupies a 23.5 by 46-inch area. It uses adjustable gas-shock resistance, and the monitor shows the basic feedback including calories burned. The steel frame is very sturdy, and you can fold to for storage when you’re done. “]

[amazon box=”B00NH9WEXM” description=”The Model E has lots of similar features with the excellent Model D, but this is the more advanced model. It can handle up to 500 pounds and it looks premium. What’s more, the seat is now at chair height at 20 inches, which offers convenient use for those with mobility issues. “]