Full Body Workouts vs Splits

Whether it is at the David Barton Gym, Soul Cycle or another fitness club, the same question is always asked, should you do a full body workout or body splits? Both have their followers and benefits, but which is better?

A full body workout is ideal for you if:

Limited Time for Workouts

If you can only spare 2 to 3 days a week for hitting the gym, then a full body workout is suitable. It’s possible to do body splits 3 times weekly, but you’ll get more benefits if you go for a full body workout instead.

Want to Work Out Your Entire Body

A full body workout makes a lot of people feel good, and you get a lot of options too. The variety also appeals to many.

You Have Difficulty Following Exercise Routines

Body splits require more dedication, as you’ll work on your legs and lower body today, upper body and arms tomorrow and so on. If you fail to keep up you’ll suffer from disproportionate muscle development.

With a full body routine you’re assured of a complete workout even if you do it every other day.

You’re New to Working Out

A full body workout is easier to follow than a split. It is more suitable for both newbies and also if you’ve taken a long break from working out. Even after just a couple of weeks you should see results.

Body part splits are for you if:

You Can Exercise 4 to 5 Times Weekly

If you can spare this time you’ll be able to separate muscle workouts into groups. You can focus on 2 to 3 muscle groups a day for faster, better results.

Focus on Specific Muscle Groups

After working out for a while you’ll notice that some muscles need more development than others. In this case body part splits allow you to concentrate on a specific set of muscles.

You’ve Been Working Out Regularly

If you’ve been exercising for 3 to 5 days a week for 2 to 3 months, you’re ready for body part part splits.


The bottom line is, both full body and body part splits offer benefits but the former is more suitable for beginners. If you’re just getting started, go with a full body workout, then when you’ve gotten used to it, try the body part splits. There’s no reason to pick one over the other when you can do both.

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