Getting Ripped From Rowing

The rowing machine is arguably the best cardio machine for both beginners and veterans in fitness, and most commercial gyms like the 24 Hour Fitness chain will have it. Such a bold statement can be backed up by the fact that all the other cardio machines focus on the legs – treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes, and step-mills.

But the rowing machine may also be among the more neglected because rowing just seems so boring because there are no inclines and declines, among others. This may be true but when you come to think about its benefits, you will find that the rowing machine is among the best whole body cardio machine for getting ripped! Here’s why and how.  

Reasons for Rowing

The experienced personal trainers recommend rowing for their clients because of the numerous benefits that come from it, especially as part of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plan.

  • Efficient cardiovascular conditioning because it provides a whole body workout
  • Effective workout for the nine major muscle groups, namely, the biceps, triceps, lats, upper and low back, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, and quads
  • Enhances muscular and endurance through a full body push-and-pull effect created by the resistance from the flywheel
  • Low-impact exercise that even people recovering from an injury or illness can engage in

The next time you’re in a gym, you may want to make a beeline for the rowing machine and start your workout on it!

Rowing Workout Example

The 10-minute rowing intervals workout isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re a beginner. But don’t beat yourself too hard if you can do it on your first try – just keep working toward it and soon enough, you will get the fitness level you’re looking for.  

  • 5 minutes of warm-up exercises.
  • 60 seconds of stationary rowing; track your distance  
  • 60 seconds of plank jack
  • 60 seconds of stationary rowing
  • 60 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 60 seconds of stationary rowing
  • 60 seconds of bodyweight squat
  • 60 seconds of stationary rowing
  • 60 seconds of walking lunge
  • 5 minutes of cool down exercises

This workout will burn more calories, especially when you start increasing the intensity of your workouts (i.e., more rows in the 60-second period). You may also create your own rowing workout by alternating rowing with burpees, which will make the rowing motions less boring and more challenging.  You can even time your rowing motions to music, if that will make your workout more fun!

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