What You Should Be Looking For In A Gym?

Gyms and fitness centers are much more common now than in the last century. There are over 10,000 gyms in the US alone. The entirety of the fitness industry is valued at $94 billion dollars as of April of last year, indicating that people are constantly improving themselves health-wise.

Although businesses revolving around fitness suffered greatly during the recent Coronavirus pandemic, this did not stop entrepreneurs becoming creative in supporting a community of fit and healthy individuals. 

A lot of gyms are soon to reopen, and some states are slowly allowing most businesses to operate back to normal working capacity.

But before one decides to start lifting weights on a Monday, what should they be looking for in a gym like Blink Fitness or Equinox Fitness, exactly?

Cost of Membership

Depending on your area, fitness gym memberships may range from affordable to outright ludicrous. There are a variety of membership prices for everybody’s financial capabilities, but seeing how these places are for you to basically tire yourself out, then cheaper prices are no doubt better.

Generally, gyms with higher membership costs come with its extra features. Paying that extra $20 on top of your gym membership may give you more space to work out, more modern equipment to use, or more decent shower and locker rooms. Some even have relaxation areas like saunas and massage rooms. 

If you want to lift iron and not include all the extra steps, then there are gyms that cost as low as $20.00 per month. 

LA Fitness is slightly close to this range, with their monthly use of equipment at $30, and an initial registration of $100.00. 


Some gyms are open round-the-clock, while some prefer doing it during normal business hours, that is 9-6. There are still gyms that open early in the morning, which are perfect for early birds, and some gyms even extend their hours late until midnight.

The very first gym to operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week is 24 Hour Fitness

The fitness center started its operations in 1983 and is now one of the biggest fitness clubs in the world. This gym is perfect for anyone who has schedules that don’t agree with regular business hours.

Workout Space, Good Lighting and Ventilation

Spacious gyms allow for more individuals to perform exercises with the least amount of wait time. It’s less efficient waiting for your turn, although this is common gym etiquette, but gyms with much wider spaces allow installation of additional fitness equipment.

Ample space also provides excellent air circulation necessary for intense aerobic exercises. It also helps with diffusing the odor of sweat and bacteria that may proliferate on equipment. 

Ample space allows for more variety of exercises to be performed – individuals who want to join group exercises will benefit from the extra space for movement.

Zumba Classes and Aerobics

Fitness gyms also throw in a variety of exercises other than weight lifting and resistance training. Zumba classes and group aerobic exercises are fun ways to enjoy physical activities. 

These are interactive and are a great way to socialize, unless you’re the type to go inside a gym, lift, and then go home.


Lifting weights has become the most common activity done inside a fitness center. Weights vary in shape, size, and style. Most gyms used rubberized plates and weights to protect both the user and the equipment. The simplest type of weights can be made with iron painted black.

Some urban or “street” gyms use weight substitutes like tires and resistance ropes but these can be found in regular gyms too. 

Stationary Bikes, Treadmills, and Curved Treadmills

Treadmills are your number one best friend in cardio exercises. They hold the advantage of providing an area for you to expend calories without spending too much time out in the sun. 

Treadmills are also customizable, so you can set the pace for a brisk walk, a jog, a full sprint, or even Olympic level 100-meter runs.

Curved treadmills are alternatives to regular treadmills. The curvature helps soften the impact on the joints. These exercise equipment are also perfect for sprinters as the speed scales the faster they run on it.

Stationary bikes are for individuals looking for a cardio exercise without heavy joint impact. In fact, it’s a better alternative to treadmills, both regular and curved. 

Care should be taken when using this equipment as they have considerable resistance, which is good if you’re aiming for bigger thighs.

Shower Rooms, Saunas, Pools, and Relaxation Centers

Showers and saunas are undoubtedly one of the greatest perks a gym could ever have. The equipment you’re using at a gym has been used by several other people and their sweat carries myriad microorganisms that you don’t want to take home with you. 

A good shower after the gym removes all the sweat, dirt and bacteria on your body.

Saunas provide relief to sore muscles and they are a great way to relax. Not all gyms have these features though, and they’re more commonly found in spas than in gyms. 

More upscale gyms also have relaxation centers (e.g. massage rooms) to help release tension and help with muscle and body recovery.


Last but not the least, disinfection procedures. There is a need to constantly wipe down equipment and this is also a rule established in most gyms and fitness centers. 

Staff at a fitness center should clean ALL the equipment with soap and water to prevent the transmission of skin disease or odor-causing bacteria.

These are just some of the standard things you should be looking for in a gym. There are other things to consider like free wifi, music, competitions, and coaching. 

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