Unbelievably Pricey Gym Memberships

Unbelievably Pricey Gym Memberships

One of the best things about having lots of gyms spreading all over the place is that gyms often compete by lowering their membership prices. That’s always great for members, who can then workout in a proper gym and learn proper techniques without shelling out too much money.

You can try American Family Fitness, which doesn’t even have an initiation fee. There’s just an annual maintenance fee of $49, along with a monthly membership fee of $40. That’s reasonably enough that an entire family can become members at the gym. And for that money, members get a lot of benefits.

But on the other end of the spectrum, there are truly high-end gyms that charge unbelievably high fees. Check these out and see if you can afford them!

E by Equinox

E by Equinox has several locations around the country, and there’s one on Madison Avenue in NYC. This is truly one exclusive gym, as membership can cost up to $26,000 a year. They do have an extra 20 locations spread around New York, and members can access these additional gyms for lower prices.

So, what do you get for that kind of money? The benefits include access to a personal trainer for each member. But there’s also a team of trainers monitoring the progress of each member. Each team of trainers take note of a member’s personal health goals, and then customizes a workout plan and a meal plan for that member.

The high membership cost comes with a lot of privacy, which is a valued commodity for plenty of affluent celebrities. The NYC gym limits the membership to around 50 members per location, which reduces the chances of overcrowding. The members also get private training sessions as well.

Everything is high-tech here, too. That starts when members enter the gym, and they don’t use cards or keys to get in. Instead, there’s a for-real retina scanner for signing in. Members also have private bathrooms, complete with personal care products and workout clothes. They also use the Fit3D body scan-technology for accurate monitoring, and there’s a high-end spa for therapeutic massages.


Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the EXOS gym started out as an excusive training facility for celebrity athletes. That helps to explain how they can charge $2,500 a month for membership. Do the math, and that’s $30,000 a year.

The high-tech equipment here is almost unbelievable, as everything here is scientific and practical. The buildings, various programs, and all the apps were all designed towards a human-centric approach. The trainers and researchers use scientific equipment to gather data about the health and progress of their members, and use that data to create individualized plans.

They even use smart technology, with their cardio machines tracking the information on the various member. Everything here is for actual athletes, and these members can now train like a professional athlete as well.

Wellness Sky

Expensive gyms aren’t limited to just the US. In Belgrade, Serbia, there’s the Wellness Sky luxury gym that charges membership fees of $30,000.

That money offers a lot of benefits. These start with the luxurious location, with classic buildings set in the beautiful countryside. Members can workout in the top floors, with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside include a nearby river.

These buildings do contain lots of space, including huge changing rooms for men and women, rooms for aerobics, a whirlpool, a massage room, a sauna, and even a café.

The training equipment is unsurprisingly sophisticated, along with various smart technologies and apps to help gather data and personalize workout plants. They also offer duo training, which is perfect for training partners.

The spa is luxurious as well, with lots of excellent treatments available. These include sports massages, relaxation massages, therapeutic massages, lymphatic drainage, and even candle massage.

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