Advantages of a Luxury Gym

Advantages of a Luxury Gym

Gyms, by and large, are like hotels. Some are extremely affordable, and offer only the basic equipment and instruction. But others are more expensive, due to the luxury trappings.

Now it may seem like a luxury gym may be just another case of vanity and indulgence. You have gyms such as Equinox, where the membership may cost anywhere from $160 to $230 per month. That’s not even counting the $100 initiation fee.

These fees may seem unreasonably high, especially in the reality of post-Covid economics. But the truth is that for some people, these prices are actually worth paying, in light of what they’re getting.

Here are some potential benefits that you’d probably receive as a member of a luxury gym.

Fantastic Knowledge

In more rundown gyms, it’s normal to meet employees barely able to name a workout machine, much less able to describe what it’s for or how it’s used. But that never happens in a luxury gym. Everyone gets an education regarding how these machines are used.

The trainers are especially knowledgeable, and you can be very sure they can help you use any machine safely and effectively. In fact, they also know which machines you ought to be using.

It starts with your very first visit, when you get there and they examine you for the first time. These luxury gyms have machines that can accurately profile your current body composition. They’ll then tell you precisely how much weight you have to lose, and how much percentage of muscle you have in your body. You might then undergo a series of tests to determine your specific strengths and weaknesses.

This information then helps the trainers figure out what kind of fitness goal you should be aiming for, and what workout schedule you need to achieve that fitness goal.

These gyms also generally have a wider range of classes available. And of course, all their instructors are certified and widely experienced.

Terrific Equipment

Many of these luxury gyms have state-of-the-art technology to offer, and these machines sure are better than your standard versions. A regular gym may have a good stationary bike that works well enough. But at luxury gyms, you have machines with screens so it seems like you’re biking through a picturesque environment with lots of scenic views.

These gyms also usually have a special app that track your check-ins, lets you reserve class space, and monitor your progress as you go through your workout. They may also have videos that teaches you what exercises to do at home.

Then you have the amenities. Lots of luxury gyms offer swimming pools as well. That’s always a good place for exercises that won’t hurt your joints, plus you can just spend a relaxing time swimming.

Or you can go with an intense workout, confident that afterwards, you can relax in a jacuzzi or get a massage. Some places even offer aromatherapy and anti-aging facials.

Superb Ambiance

Sometimes a cheaper gym will have a rather rundown vibe, but that’s because you get what you pay for. But when you’re paying a lot more, you might end up with a hotel-like ambiance. You get terrific locker rooms, with premium products in every shower, lots and lots of towels, and stuff like Q-tips and hair dryers.

In these locker rooms, there’s often a staff member around ready to hand over things you might need. So, when you need a Band-Aid, they’re there to get some for you.

You’re Better Motivated

Sure, you pay more. But that usually means you’re more motivated to make sure you’re not wasting your money. You’ll want to keep to the workout schedule, because you know that you’re wasting your money when you’re not attending your workout sessions.

In these luxury gyms, you might find a lot of rich people. Some of them are also out of shape, and it’s always a relief to realize that you’re not so different than them.

And if there are lots of toned models around? At least you know what kind of body you’re aiming for!


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