Top 5 Ways to Become a Gym Regular

Is your 2020 resolution to join a gym? If so, you’re likely to see how adapting to this new lifestyle can feel like a Sisyphean task. After all, going to the gym regularly is an investment of both time and money.

Even if you make it work, it takes a while before you become comfortable with this lifestyle. It’s most likely because a lot of fitness spaces have this intimidating atmosphere during the first few sessions. Regardless, going to the gym a few times a week is already an achievement.

To make you feel more at home in Goodlife Fitness or any other gym, here are some tips you should follow:

1. Pick a Single Routine and Become an Adept

The main reason you feel like you don’t belong to a gym is that you aren’t sure about how to do things right. As a remedy, you need to pick an activity that you can work on repeatedly at the gym. Do this until you’re sure that you’ve mastered it.

Once you do, continue starting new workouts using that mindset. That will give you the confidence boost and self-assured. After all, if you got better with one thing, training for another is possible.

Another thing to remember is to focus on doing exercises that you’re fond of. It’s especially important when you’re trying to find the right footing. Remember, there are lots of ways to become fit, so find one that you enjoy and be consistent with it.

Otherwise, choosing an exercise you hate will only take you so far. Don’t do these activities because they’re the right thing to do. Do them because you enjoy them and you’ll find more focus and confidence in yourself.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Your clothing can change the way you do your exercises. If you’re comfortable with the clothes you wear to the gym, you get more confidence. It goes a long way in developing your consistency, so treat yourself and get a new workout attire that suits your tastes.

If you like bright and vibrant clothes because you feel invigorated, go for it. As long as it helps you become comfortable with your body image, get that outfit. But you should keep the gym dress code in mind before picking an outfit.

3. Make the Front Desk Staff Your Friends

Feeling envious of the subtle nods gym regulars use to greet each other upon arriving? If so, stop worrying since they’ll start extending this to you once you start coming in more. But before that happens, you should make the most out of the welcoming greetings from the people manning the front desk.

It’s especially important if you’re coming in and the journey was arduous. With a friendly face to talk to for a minute, it helps you feel that sense of belonging. But what’s more, these people can help you in various ways to make your gym experience great.

For example, they can teach you how to use unfamiliar gym equipment. They can also help you find the things you need for your exercise routines. Even if they don’t have the answer, they will know somebody who has.

4. Plan Your Gym Walk-in

Knowing the activities you’ll do before going to the gym can aid in streamlining your experience. This also makes you feel like you have no goals. It’s more challenging instead of just walking around the premise wondering what you should do.

It’s better to have this kind of mindset even when you become a gym regular. If you don’t have a workout routine planner app on your phone, try going for old-school methods. List them down in a small notebook if you have to.

But even if you’re all about planning, always make room to be flexible. This ensures that you can accommodate certain exercises depending on your feelings. Do this when your planned workout routine seems unrealistic or if you don’t have the energy to see it through.

5. Set a Concrete Time for Your Gym Session

Setting a hard start and stop for your routine ties in with your workout plan. For example, if you go in at 5 p.m., you should finish the session within 45 minutes or an hour at 6 p.m.

This time limit helps to keep you focused on your exercises. That way, you won’t need to waste time procrastinating around the gym. Take note, you don’t need to be in the gym for three hours to see any results.


Becoming a gym regular is a long process. But if you follow these tips, you’ll become more comfortable sooner. Always remember that these serve as a starting point for you, meaning you’ll find other ways as you go along.

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