The Cons of Being Fit

Description : This article discusses some of the problems fit people have to deal with. But it also emphasizes that these concerns are trivial when compared to the benefits of being more active.

Congratulations! You’ve just lost weight for the nth straight week. You have definitely hit your stride, so to speak. Your friends have noticed that your time in the gym has reaped dividends, and you are getting your fair share of flirts from male co-workers and even complete strangers. Good job!

But do you know that there are also problems that you will have to manage now that you’re slimmer. Here are some of the dilemmas that you will eventually have to face, if you’re not yet dealing with them:

1. Clothes That Won’t Fit

Clothes That Won’t Fit-GymMembershipFeesObviously, your old clothes will no longer fit you. You’ll have to stock up your closet again but this time with clothes that are smaller in size. This can be a good problem to deal with, but then again your pockets won’t be happy as you will have to spend more for your new clothes.

2. Calluses On Your Hands

Lifting those dumbbells not only improve your muscle strength, but also inevitably damage your hands. Most fitness experts agree that the formation of calluses on the hands is unavoidable especially if a person is fond of exercises involving gripping a bar and pulling it.

However, there are things you can do to minimize, if not prevent, the development of calluses on your palms. One way to do so is to use chalk as it can keep your hands dry and improve your grip. This means you will likely won’t hold the bar too tight.

Or you can use leather hand grips, although like the use of chalk, this is not a cure-all. Plus you’ll have to expect that it would take quite a while before you get used to utilizing hand grips.

3. Smaller Boobs

You may have been a 37C before but you will eventually end up with smaller boobs now that you are losing weight. Like calluses on your palms, this is another inevitable disadvantage of weight loss.

You don’t have to be a scientist to understand why boobs shrink with weight loss. Breasts, after all, are made of fatty tissue so these are also susceptible to loss of volume.

There’s really nothing you can do to prevent boob shrinkage, aside from surgical enhancement.

4. Missing Your Favorite Foods

Doughnuts, French fries, softdrinks, and hotdogs—these are some of the yummy treats that you surely have given up as part of your efforts to slim down. Admit it, you still miss these foods. And there could be times when you struggle to fight that urge, and ‘cheat.’

5. Chronic Pain

Training can help you lose weight and reduce the general aches and pains that most of us tend to experience, but it can also cause chronic pain especially when overdone. For instance, runners have to deal with knee and heel problems because of the impact of running on pavement. Weight lifters are prone to injuries like pulled muscles or strained joints.

One way to prevent chronic pain is to vary your exercises. If you do weight lifting today, then do cardio the next training. Avoid doing the same routine every day. And make sure that you warm up and cool down.

Indeed, being fit has its downsides as well. But these things should never discourage you from building up on your weight loss gains. Think of the benefits of adapting a more active and healthy lifestyle– slimmer physique and lower risks of ailments, for instance—and you’ll realize that these disadvantages are rather trivial.

So instead of being dejected, continue with what you have been doing. Join the Fit Body Boot Camp or CKO Kickboxing furthermore you could try a regular daily run. This way, you will be able to sustain your weight loss efforts and lose more pounds in the future.

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