Hitting Your Stride With HIIT Safety Steps

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) promotes faster weight loss because it facilitates faster calorie burning, too. Virtually all types of workouts can be adapted for HIIT purposes, whether it’s Pilates, CrossFit, or running, thus its popularity in commercial gyms like Max Fitness.

But HIIT isn’t for everybody. The alternating periods of quick yet highly intense bursts of exercise and short periods of active rest has its hazards, too. Here are a few things to know in reducing your risks of injuries.

Warm-ups Are a Must

Your bones and muscles must be ready for the high-intensity exercises involved in an HIIT workout. Otherwise, your risk for sprains and strains increases, which will keep you away from exercise for a time. Plus, the sudden stress on your heart can increase your risks for heart-related conditions when you skip on the warm-up routine.

You just need five minutes of stretching including flexibility exercises to stay safe, too.

Start Gradually on Your Intervals

Beginners to HIIT workouts should start with shorter interval training period and longer rest period. This will ensure sufficient recovery between the high-intensity periods.  

If you’re a beginner, you can start with 30-second interval training exercises and 90-second active rest periods. As your body becomes accustomed to the intense demands, you can reduce your active rest periods to 60 seconds. In time, you can even reduce it to just 30 seconds.

But don’t use this as a strict rule either. Your body is the best judge of its capability so be sure to listen to it at all times during your HIIT workout. You may need a longer rest period, for example, at certain times even when you have been at it for several months.  

You should never engage in HIIT workouts on a daily basis because you’re attracting injuries, so to speak. You have to let your body recover from the intense workouts so HIIT workouts should ideally be 2-3 times per week. You can rest in between days.

Keep Your Good Form and Technique

Even when you’re in the middle of an HIIT interval, you should always be conscious of your form and technique. You will not only be improperly executing the exercise but you’re also not getting the best benefit from it. Your risk of injury also increases with incorrect form.  

Keep these tips in mind and you will get the most benefits from HIIT workouts. Ask your personal trainer at Max Fitness, too, for more tips and tricks.

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