How Weight Loss Affects Your Boobs

So let’s cut to the chase – your boobs become smaller when you lose weight. Like it or not, that’s the reality of it. Women’s breasts are made up of breast tissue and… fat. How small your breasts get would depend largely on how much fat is in there as well as the amount of weight you lose in all. So if you’re planning to lose 10 lbs then perhaps you won’t really notice that much of a difference. However, if you’re planning to shed 50 lbs then it will be noticeable for sure.

Does Weight Loss Cause Boobs to Sag?

The elasticity of your boobs is not affected by your weight loss. However, if you lose a lot of weight then your skin will be loose and will sag, breast area included. Unfortunately, the sagging will be more obvious in breasts than other areas like the thighs or arms because of the weight of the boobs.

Is There a Way to Prevent Your Boobs from Sagging?

The best way to prevent sagging breasts (aside from surgical options) is by doing some strength training. You can increase the muscle mass in your pectoral muscles using exercises like rowing, chin-ups and bench press. These exercises build the chest wall muscle and will help the boobs become firm.  This is why experts always recommend doing weight training when trying to lose weight. Cardio burns fat but weight training not only increases the body’s metabolism but also helps it become lean and toned.

Breast Support After Weight Loss

A study conducted in 2011 found that spot reduction doesn’t really work and anyone who’s planning to lose weight will lose fat in many different areas of the body, breasts included. As to how much your boobs will shrink depends on the amount of weight you’ve lost, your breast composition and your age.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has classified 3 kinds of breast tissue:

  • Fatty – The tissue that gives the breasts their shape and size.
  • Fibrous – The skeleton tissue that keeps the breasts in place.
  • Glandular – This tissue is responsible for pumping of breast milk.

An estimated 4 in 10 women have mostly fatty tissue in their breasts, while 6 in 10 have mostly fibrous tissue. If your boobs appear deflated after you’ve lost weight, then chances are you’re among those with primarily fatty tissue in their boobs. Here are some things you can do to try to help them look perky and firm:

1. Weight Training

As mentioned earlier, weight training can increase muscle mass in the chest area giving you the appearance of firm boobs. With consistent weight training you can have a tighter and stronger chest appearance. While it will not make your boobs bigger, the muscles beneath the boobs will help keep it from sagging.

2. Wear a Well-Fitting Bra

A new underwire bra that fits your current size won’t replace any lost volume, but it can give it the lift it needs. Most lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret and Wacoal offer measurement guidelines on their website but you can also go to a physical store to get a more accurate measurement.

3. Consider Non-Surgical Boob Lift

You don’t need to go under the knife to improve your sagging boobs. You can try options like Radiofrequency therapy to stimulate collagen production in your breasts and make them appear tight and firm. Thread-lifting is another treatment which pulls your breasts upward using self-dissolving barbed threads which are inserted beneath the skin to help the breasts look perky for at least 1-2 years.

In the end, it does not matter what option you go with. In fact, it does not matter how big or small your boobs are. Whether you decide to do strength training in Gold’s Gym or go to a breast enhancement clinic, the important thing is to feel comfortable and happy with your own body.

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