What’s the Best Cheap Pull Up Bar?

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If you check out the price of your average gym workout machine, you’ll find that it’s actually normal to pay more than a thousand dollars for a single piece of equipment. So the question in the title seems like a trick question. In comparison, every pull up bar is a cheap pull up bar!

Pull-up bars are great because you can just use them any time when you’re at home. You don’t have to get any barbells or dumbbells for your resistance training, since you can just use your body weight. They really don’t take up a lot of space at all, and if you don’t put them away they can entice you to work out at odd moments. That’s always a good thing.

Still, it’s possible that you mind the difference between the price of a $15 pull up bar and a $70 extreme version. So we’ve listed down our recommendations starting with the most affordable.

Here’s a list of cheap pull-up bars in 2017:

[amazon box=”B0016BNDXI” description=”What’s funny about this model is that while it’s the cheapest one on this list (it costs less than $14 as of this writing), there an offer for expert assembly on the retail page that costs more than $104! It’s really weird, since you can set this up in a few seconds on just about any door frame.
The length is adjustable from 24.5 to 36 inches, and you can use it for a wide variety of exercises. Aside from the usual pull-ups and chin-ups, you can also use this for crunches and sit-ups. The sturdy steel bars can handle a weight of 220 pounds, and the hand grips have soft nonslip pads. “]

[amazon box=”B001EJMS6K” description=”This is one of the top bestsellers in the niche, and it’s not just because of the $18 price tag (though admittedly, that helps). Another good reason is that it can support a weight of 300 pounds, so heavier people can make use of this.
It’s also easy to set up as you won’t need any screws to install it at all. It’s made to fit doorways measuring 24 to 32 inches, or molding measuring up to 3.5 inches wide. It allows for 3 grip positions for pull-ups and chin-ups, and then you can quickly take it down for sit-ups, tricep dips, and even pushups. “]

[amazon box=”B000HBUNAO” description=”This is easy to install and remove from a doorframe, so it’s essentially a portable tool. It’s made for standard doorways, and you can just take it down after doing pull-ups to use it for your floor exercises like sit-ups. It can handle 250 pounds, and enables the use of 5 grip positions. “]

[amazon box=”B002YQUP7Q” description=”Now this offers a lot of value for your money. The maximum weight is for 300 pounds, and it offers 12 (yes, that’s twelve) comfy grips and handles for a wide variety of exercises.
This is designed to be easily signaled and removed from doorframes, so you can bring it to your office if you want. But you can also get option mounting hardware to install it more permanently. “]

[amazon box=”B001ND04U4” description=”This costs more than twice the standard edition. It’s still the same for the most part, as it fits the same types of doorways and the maximum weight allowance is still 300 pounds. But now it offers 5 grip positions. “]

[amazon box=”B00HF8U37U” description=”This is for huge men, and it’s meant to support up to an amazing 500 pounds. However, it needs to be mounted with studs, though you can mount it on concrete walls. “]