Sitting Down Can Kill You

A lot of us couch potatoes will say that sitting is a rewarding and gratifying experience. It is comfortable, relaxing and allows you the opportunity to ponder. However, people who sit a lot, are more likely to be unhealthy. Studies show that people who sit most of the time are sure to die earlier than others.

The Disadvantages Of Sitting Down

The Disadvantages Of Sitting Down-GymMembershipFeesI am certain that most of us like to enjoy sitting down. Those that don’t are forced to due to work. Well here are a few reasons to stand up more. Studies show that sitting down is linked to a risk of death from heart diseases and other related causes. People who sit most of the time have worse mental health, this includes Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. You are also at a higher risk of suffering from disability than those who walk for the necessary amounts of time per day.

If you think that exercise can improve your chances of enjoying a longer life, even if you sit for most of the day, then you are wrong. Too much sitting is bad for you, even if you get the proper amount of exercise. Studies are inconclusive as to whether poor health causes people to sit more or if it is the other way around. Therefore, while you might jog for an hour or two per day, it does nothing to rectify the 8 hours you spend sitting at work.

Sitting And Your Health

Denver Neck and Shoulder Pain TreatmentSitting has been linked to high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and obesity, which are factors that can cause heart disease. However, you might not know that sitting down for long periods of time is also a cancer trigger. If you think about it, we sit at work for about 8 hours a day, so doctors have discovered that people who sit for shorter periods of time are likely to live longer than their counterparts who spend most of the day on a chair. Please note that people who sit for 11 hours a day are at an even greater risk.

Scientists cannot seem to explain why this seemingly innocent habit can lead to so many potential problems. They believe that it may be because sitting down for a long time makes our muscles burn less fat and it slows down our blood pressure to a sluggish rate.

Sitting And Your Appetite

Young Woman Sitting and Holding a Cup of CoffeeOne would think that sitting down makes us burn less calories, which it does, and makes us less likely to eat more. Sadly, that is not the case. Sitting down for long periods of time is linked to an increase in appetite. Perhaps standing helps curb our need to binge because we are generally moving around and preoccupied. This is why scientists have linked sitting for long periods of time to obesity.

How To Improve Your Lifestyle

How To Improve Your Lifestyle-GymMembershipFeesThe damage is done. However, it can be undone or at least improved by changing the way we enjoy our leisure time and work. Live longer by following these tips.

Stand Every 30 Minutes

Stand Every 30 Minutes-GymMembershipFeesWhile we cannot stand up all the time due to the nature of some our jobs, we can break the vicious cycle by standing up more often. Studies show that standing up will help improve our blood flow, which is compromised by the act of sitting down. Therefore, by standing up for 15 minutes or so, we allow our blood circulation to improve.

Drink From A Smaller Glass

DTDB_PRE_BUDGET7.jpg - wine / alcoholEncourage yourself to move, especially when you are on a coffee break. Get yourself a smaller mug or glass. This will force you to take your beverage in two portions. Thus, you will unconsciously add more movement to your usual routine.

Use The Treadmill More Often

Use The Treadmill More Often-GymMembershipFeesMost of us like to watch tv while we eat. Break the monotony by bringing out your dusty treadmill. You can watch tv while you make a commitment to your fitness. Your body will thank you later. The great thing about walking while watching your favorite show is that you will be so engrossed that you will later realize that you have clocked up a mile or so just by enjoying your usual programs.

Bring A Standing Desk To Work

Bring A Standing Desk To Work-GymMembershipFeesMany people have made a commitment to their fitness by standing more at work. This is done with the help of a standing desk. Please note that studies also show that people who stand more often are more productive. This is why many workplaces are warming up to this new idea.

If you are a sedentary person, it would be best to jump start your metabolism by enrolling yourself in your nearest gym. You might want to consider 24 Hour Fitness, as it allows you to enjoy a good workout at any time of the day or night. Your fitness should be your first priority as everything you do depends on your body being healthy.

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