How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

Ever wonder why there’s not much excitement in the sack?  Ever wonder why life seems to be a drag?  Ever wonder why you can’t stand looking at yourself naked in the mirror? The answer is quite simple:  you’re not getting any exercise and you’re not getting enough sex.

Physical activity and a workout regimen are the secrets to improving your sex life.  This is because exercise increases your overall stamina and longevity, breaks the sluggish feeling and increases self-confidence.  In other words, our sex lives are boring because we are starting to become lazy.  With the proper exercise, we can become more active and feel lighter, thanks to better blood circulation and a stronger immune system.

For a more detailed list of the benefits of exercise to your sex life, see below:

1. Improved blood flow, improved orgasms!

When you are engaged in exercise, the blood flow inside the body becomes better.  This includes better circulation to the brain which primes the body for better sensation.  You will notice that with regular exercise, you become well-lubricated and your cheeks become mor rosy.  This means that blood is pumping really well and will bring you those ooh-la-la feelings right up to orgasm alley.

2. Get that endorphin rush!

People who exercise get their regular dose of endorphins, or happy hormones.  This is why people who work out are happier and have a better self-image.  Being confident is a major asset when it comes to sex, and the sexier you’ll feel when getting intimate with your partner.  Especially for women, mindset is everything.  Endorphins will make the brain clutter free and stress free, and in the end bring you to more orgasms.

3. Ditch the hot flashes!

Studies have shown that women who engage in yoga are 30 to 100% free of hot flashes.  This means women who are in their late 40s and beyond can have more sex and increased libido.

4. Feel sexy while naked!

Feel sexy while naked-GymMembershipFeesBetter self-image definitely is a major effect of exercise.  Feel better about your body and feel better in your birthday suit!  And you know what happens on your birthday right?  Celebrate your naked self and feel great when with your partner.  A confident you will make you perform better in bed, and become more dynamic and fun!

5. Get more intimate with your partner!

Having an exercise regimen with your partner gives you more time to spend quality time together.  Going to the gym with him or her definitely takes the boredom out.  After a good workout, feel more relaxed and share a fruit slush together.  Even after an hour of brisk walking, nice showers together make the whole routine so worth it.

6. Feel the adrenaline rush!

Take an adventure sport with your partner and get that adrenaline high.  Adventure sports like rock climbing, mountain climbing or kayaking are great for the body at the same time it gives you a high that it similar to when you had on your first date.

7. Unleash your inner temptress!

Tired of the same ol’ treadmill?  Enroll in a dance class, preferably belly dancing or burlesque dancing.  These dance moves will definitely help you gain more confidence and more flexible, not to mention builds up your moves in the bedroom.

8. Sexercise!

Sexercise-GymMembershipFeesSex in itself is a great workout.  Try different positions in bed and make the sexual act as long as possible.  It’s a great way to burn fat, and a fantastic way to feel better and more loved.

9. Reach for the high notes with Kegels!

Want to have more intense orgasms?  It’s all about muscle control.  While sitting in the office, you can do muscle squeezing and strengthen your bladder muscles in the process.  Vaginal muscles will also tighten and make you have more intense orgasms in the process.

10. Sleep better, then some more!

Exercise promotes better sleeping habits because it literally clears up your head of anxiety.  Sleeping better will eventually make you more alert in the morning and more active during the day.  Post-orgasmic sleep is definitely more relaxing and more fulfilling as you bask in each other’s after sex glow.

For a better workout, you and your partner can get a gym membership at Planet Fitness, American Family Fitness or LA Fitness.  Attend yoga classes together or share experiences about working up a sweat.  The bonding will be great and take these good vibes into the bedroom while you’re at it.

Exercise can definitely affect your lifestyle.  Become the best lover and engage in more physical activity.  It’s important to feel alive! Sharing this feeling with your partner only makes that feeling stronger.

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