Keeping Your Fit Body, Enjoying Rich Smoothies  

Smoothies aren’t exactly known as health food, especially when these are ordered from national chains like Shake Shack. But there’s good news: You can actually enjoy rich smoothies while still staying true, so to speak, to your fitness plan!

Check the Fruits

Many smoothie bars use flavored powders in making their sweet smoothies. This isn’t such a good idea, health-wise, because these flavored powers have plenty of additives and preservatives. Plus, these are just too sweet in comparison with real fruits.

For this reason, you should check that only fresh and frozen fruits are added to your smoothies.  Most of the best smoothie chains actually let their customers see the preparation process so this is easy to determine. If your smoothies are made with flavored powders, then you can cancel your order for your own health.  

While fruit juices are also good alternatives, you can never be sure whether these are, indeed, squeezed from fresh fruits or in dehydrated form. Plus, you can ask for organic milk instead of fruit juices, which will boost your smoothie’s protein content.  

Add Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables in smoothies do mix! You just have to find the right combinations since you want to enjoy your smoothies instead of gagging on their weird flavors. You may also ask the server about the best fruits-and-vegetables combo that can be customized for your own nutritional needs.

If you’re looking for an easy nutritional fix, you can try spinach and kale. You will get antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and fiber from these leafy greens, too.

Skip the Sweeteners

Fruits already have their natural sweetness so it doesn’t make sense to add sweeteners to your smoothies. You can add honey, if you want a sweeter treat, but always avoid the artificial sweeteners including sugar as these can, in fact, increase your feelings of hunger. You will likely end up eating more carbs-laden food within an hour or so after finishing your sweetened smoothie.

Even light smoothies also have artificial sweeteners in them, too. Just be careful about being taken in by deceiving labels like “light”, “fat-free”, and “sugar-free”.  

Watch Your Consumption

Even when you have followed the abovementioned tips, you can still make an unhealthy choice when you indulge in more than one glass of smoothie. You should be aware of the serving size and nutritional information in each glass so that you can make healthier choices.

If you’re ordering it as a snack, you are well-advised to order a mini, which will be less than 200 calories. But if you’re ordering it as a meal replacement, you can go to town but choose one with 350 calories or less.  

Yes, you can enjoy a smoothie every day but make healthier choices for the sake of your fit body.  

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