How to Get Rid of Your Beer Belly

There comes a time when men can no longer call those bulges protruding in their midsection as baby fats. When boys turn to men, it is simple called a beer belly.

Beer bellies may bring out a lot of laughs when men gather and show off their wares. In some drinking parties, some men pull up their shirts and proudly display their beer bellies and try to win the contest on who has the biggest bulge.

These are all fun and hilarious in the company of men. But, when that same group is in the company of women, everyone tries their best to tuck their tummies in and hide the bulges that they were so proud to display the previous night.

Beer bellies are unattractive especially in these days when the fashion trend leans more on tight shirts and jeans for men. Beer bellies are the signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. Women don’t like the sight of beer bellies.


Diet-GymMembershipFeesThe first thing that comes to mind would be to off a beer belly. Now, that is going to be the toughest thing to do. By dieting, we mean deprivation of the things men like. We are talking about juicy burgers, thick steaks and cold tall glasses of beer. Can you imagine a life without those? Yes of course, that would be a miserable life.

The hard fact is that dieting will only teach your body to hold on to whatever small portions you are taking in. That is why people who diet tend to look a little more bloated. And, the first thing to really go, are the muscles. You will see your arms and legs get thinner. Your stomach, though smaller in volume, will still feature that bulge you are trying to get rid of.


Young beautiful woman during fitness time and exercisingOk, you might want to try out a little fitness routine every morning. You’ll lay flat on the floor and might do a few sit-ups and crunches with the hope that by putting your abdominal muscles at work, you will burn the fat around them.

There is no such thing as spot reduction. You will not reduce the size of your belly by simply doing sit-ups and crunches. All forms of exercise reduce fat all over the body. By solely doing sit-ups and crunches, you will be reducing your overall fats but at the same, increase the size of your belly by developing the muscle underneath the fat that’s still there.

Overall Fitness Training

Overall Fitness training-GymMembershipFeesThe best way to get rid of beer bellies and all the extra fat all over your body is to increase your metabolism. You can do this with simple changes in your lifestyle, eat small servings of food more often in the day and get into a fitness program.

Eating the same amount of food in smaller portion 6 times a day will increase the efficiency of your body in utilizing the nutrients you take in and in disposing of the unneeded waste products.  Since you are eating more often, your body no longer needs to store that much.

However, the problem with fitness training is that it will take a lot of discipline to keep up with a self-regulated fitness program.  Sure, most people can stay with the program of an early morning jog for a maybe a week or two. But as the weeks pass by, more and more people will forget about their fitness program and fall back to their sedentary state.

And when they stop exercising, their beer bellies will reappear; this time, much bigger as people who had just quite from a fitness program tend to eat little more than they used to.

Gym Program

Gym Program-GymMembershipFeesThe best way to get into shape is to join a fitness club, or for a more masculine term, train in a gym.

Training in a gym could be a great way to get in shape. Gone are the days when gyms looked like dungeons with all the metal plates and chains mashed in disorderly fashion in a stinky dark room. Nowadays, gyms are like fancy restaurants and well lighted hotel lobbies.

If you want a gym that’s rugged and masculine, you can go to Gold’s Gym or YMCA. If you are looking for a more of a club type gym, you can go to Fitness First or Lifetime Fitness.

There are several advantages in getting into a gym membership program. You will get a professionally designed fitness program that will suite your personality, lifestyle and aspirations. You get to meet a lot of people whose company will be helpful in motivating you towards your fitness goals. And, you get to have a good time.

So, pick up your gym bag and head over to the gym. It’s time to get rid of those beer bellies.

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