5 Great Reasons for Trying the BodyCombat Workout

5 Great Reasons for Trying the BodyCombat Workout

Les Mills is one of the most famous brands in the whole workout fitness industry, as they have introduced a lot of different workouts for people to try. One of these workouts is BODYCOMBAT, and there are plenty of good reasons why you really should try it.

As the name implies, the workout is based on martial arts movements. Your movements come from such disciplines as kung fu, muay Thai, boxing, and karate. You’ll perform jabs, hooks, and uppercuts like Mike Tyson, along with high knees and kicks.

But it’s a totally non-contact workout, so you’re not beating up on anybody (and no one’s beating up on you). If you’re a pacifist, everything’s cool.

In fact, BodyCombat is open to all adults, regardless of age, fitness level, and workout experience. This can work for you even if you’re an absolute newbie to martial arts or even to working out in general. You don’t even need special equipment that you’d only find in a luxury gym. All you really need is a qualified trainer to guide you along.

But why do BodyCombat? Here are terrific benefits that you’d reap if you do so:

1. You Will Burn Off A Lot of Calories

When you burn off lots of calories, you’re more likely to lose weight. You know the basic principle of a calorie deficit, right? When you burn off more calories than you consume each day, your body responds by burning your stored body fat for energy instead.

The number of calories you burn off depend on many factors, such as your height and weight, and the duration and intensity of your workout. It also matters which exercises you perform. While jogging can burn off almost 400 calories per hour, running can use up maybe 650 calories per hour.

BodyCombat is among those exercises that burn off calories efficiently. It’s estimated that a 55-minute workout can use up anywhere from 570 to 740 calories. That really should help you attain your weight-loss and weight maintenance fitness goals.

2. It’s Great Cardio (and Also Great for Conditioning and Stamina)

Cardio exercises are primarily meant to boost your cardiovascular health. This is more important than you think, since more people die of cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke in the US than any other cause of death. With BodyCombat, you’re doing a lot of good for your heart.

What’s more you’re also maximizing your lung capacity, and boosting your stamina and conditioning. That means you’re less apt to get tired more easily, when you’re doing your chores around the house and around town.

3. You’ll Get Toned

The martial arts elements of BodyCombat (such as the jabs, kicks, and blocks) will help you use muscle groups that other workouts like running don’t focus on. BodyCombat is actually a whole-body workout, as you’re using both upper and lower body parts and limbs.

That means you get a more balanced effect for your body, and you can tone muscles to get you stronger and even better-looking.

4. It Boosts Your Coordination, Reflexes, and Agility

You may end up no longer as clumsy as before, and your improved reflexes, agility, and coordination can help you in sports and in many everyday tasks. Clumsiness may be an endearing trait for some, but it can also lead to unfunny injuries.

And BodyCombat can help with that. The workout improves your balance and coordination since you’re often required to stand with one leg while kicking with the other. It also includes other functional training moves like lunges, pushups, and squats.

5. It’s Great for Stress Relief

Sometimes we all feel too much stress and tension that we just want to hit something, right? Of course, it’s not exactly society-approved that you beat up on other people, and it’s not good to just destroy your own living room.

But while BodyCombat isn’t really violent since you’re not hitting anyone, it still allows you to hit and kick. The explosive nature of the workout allows you to vent your frustrations and stress, which can be very bad for your health if you don’t release them.

Workouts also cause the production of endorphins, which are also known as the feel-good hormones. Together, these effects can help you maintain your mental health in a totally non-destructive way.

Final Words

It’s easy enough to find a gym that offers Les Mills classes such as BodyCombat. If you live near a Fitness Connection gym, then you’re good to go. Join a BodyCombat class, wear comfy and unrestrictive workout clothes with a good pair of sneakers, and have fun!

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