4 Less-and-More Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Trainer

The decision to hire a personal trainer doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t come cheap. But there are times when you and your personal trainer must part ways – and it isn’t entirely your fault! Here are the things that should be enough reason to say goodbye because the professional relationship isn’t working to your mutual benefit.

#1 Less of an Inspiration, More of an Annoyance

Keep in mind that an effective personal trainer wears many hats – coach, exercise specialist, and nutritionist, as well as motivator. Plus, he should also be the best example of the principles and practices that he espouses – or in other words, he actually walks his talk.

If he doesn’t, then you should terminate the relationship because it will not get you anywhere near your goals. He doesn’t have to be Mr. Olympia but he should be a good example of a life lived according to health and fitness standards.  

#2 Less of a Planner, More of a Go-with-the-Flow Type

There’s no sense in hiring one if you’re both going to wing it! You’re hiring him exactly because of the professional guidance he can provide, thanks to his education, training and experience. Your PT must then always have a workout plan based on sound fitness principles and your fitness goal.  

If not, then go find another one. You should, in fact, discuss first the plan of attack with a prospective trainer before hiring him.  

#3 Less of a Coach, More of an Entertainer  

Many trainers have the mindset of a fitness entertainer with their jokes, anecdotes and chit-chats. While small talk is appreciated, it isn’t the meat of the session so it should be kept to a minimum. Your trainer should focus on ensuring your proper form and technique, coaching your movements, and providing encouragement.  

This is also true for trainers who are more interested in their own personal lives, smartphones, and reflections. You’re paying for his time in the gym so you deserve his 100% attention from start to finish of the session.  

#4 Less Record Keeping, More On-the-fly

There’s a reason before-and-after photos are effective marketing tools – these clearly show the progress made by the clients. But photos aren’t the only evidence that you should demand from your trainer either. You should also ask for step-by-step records, which can include details of your weekly workouts and progress.  

While there will always be unscrupulous personal trainers out there, you can find many more effective trainers. Your first step is to choose a reliable gym, such as your nearest Max Fitness, where the personal trainers possess the right qualifications and attitude to get you from Point A to Point B in your fitness journey.  

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