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Workouts You Can Try If You’re New to Golf

As the new year unfolds, many individuals, particularly golfers in colder climates, are contemplating ways to enhance their physical well-being. Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer, Ryan Faust, offers invaluable insights and a set of exercises to kickstart your fitness journey, particularly if you’re a newcomer to the gym or returning after a hiatus.

1. The Fundamental Principles of Working Out

Before delving into the workout routine, Faust emphasizes essential principles to guide your fitness journey:

Start Light and Easy

It’s crucial to avoid diving into strenuous workouts right from the beginning. Rapid progression can lead to injuries or excessive soreness, potentially dampening your enthusiasm to continue.

Embrace Body-Weight Exercises

Body-weight exercises serve as an excellent starting point before transitioning to free weights or machines. Numerous effective exercises require no equipment, making them accessible to everyone.

Seek Professional Guidance

Consider engaging with a Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer. These certified professionals conduct screenings to assess your fitness level and tailor programs to align with your unique goals, especially if you’ve recently faced injuries or have a history of being injury-prone.

Design Your Own Program

If professional assistance isn’t readily available, craft a personalized workout program. Ensure it incorporates lower-body strength, upper-body push and pull exercises, and rotational movements for a well-rounded approach.

2. A Holistic Approach to Golf Fitness

To optimize your golf performance, it’s essential to focus on various aspects of fitness. Faust suggests incorporating lower-body strength, upper-body push and pull exercises, and rotational movements into your routine. Here’s a sample workout that utilizes body weight and resistance bands, organized in sets:

Workout Structure

Perform the exercises in the following order of sets: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, followed by 4-5-6, 4-5-6, 4-5-6.

The Workout Routine

Exercise 1: Body Weight Standard Squats (x10 reps)

Begin your routine with standard body-weight squats to activate your lower body and enhance overall stability.

Exercise 2: Body Weight Reverse Lunge (x10 reps per leg)

Engage your leg muscles further with reverse lunges, focusing on balance and controlled movements.

Exercise 3: Body Weight Side Planks (up to 30 secs per side x3 reps each side)

Strengthen your core and improve rotational stability with side planks.

Exercise 4: Push-Ups (x10 reps)

Targeting the upper body, push-ups are essential for building chest, shoulder, and tricep strength.

Exercise 5: Resistance Band Low Anchor Single Arm Row (x10 each side)

Incorporate resistance bands for a dynamic single-arm row, emphasizing upper back and shoulder development.

Exercise 6: Resistance Band Mid Anchor Rotations (x10 each side)

Enhance your rotational power and stability with mid-anchor rotations, utilizing resistance bands.

3. The Path Ahead

Embarking on a fitness journey for golf involves dedication and a gradual progression. Incorporate these exercises into your routine, ensuring proper form and consistency. As you advance, consider diversifying your workouts to target specific golf-related muscle groups.

Ryan Faust’s guidance offers a solid foundation for golfers looking to enhance their fitness levels. By embracing a holistic approach to working out and incorporating a well-rounded exercise routine, you pave the way for improved performance on the golf course. Remember, consistency and gradual progression are key as you embark on this transformative journey toward a fitter and more resilient golf game.

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