The 5 Best Gym Workouts for Muscle Building

Flywheel prices have reached the point that anyone can get to the gym to pump iron and gain muscles. But which of the dozens of machines is the best for strength gain and muscle building? We narrowed the list down to the following.

Chest Press for Upper Body

As the name suggests this machine is designed to work out your triceps, biceps and chest. The motion is akin to push ups and is suitable for beginners. This approach is suitable for toning and sculpting your arms and will aid your compound workouts too.

Rowing Machine for Cardio

It increases cardiovascular endurance especially the posterior chain. It works out your upper and lower body and is good for those who spend a lot of time hunched in front of a computer.

Hanging Leg Raise for Hips

This is the ideal machine to strengthen your hip flexors and core. It is easy to use and is effective in working out your abs as well as your legs and thighs.

Cable Biceps Bar for Arms

This works out your arms and is more effective than dumbbells for muscle and strength gain. The cable provides balance and keeps your arms from swinging wildly. There is no need to hurry with the lifts, and you will actually gain more by doing the lifts slowly.

Triceps Pushdown for Triceps

Also known as the cable triceps bar, it is of course aimed at the triceps. What makes this a good workout machine is it lets you switch the grip via a straight bar, a rope or V-bar. This versatility means you can perform a lot of different moves. By working out your triceps you’ll develop the strength required to do push ups, gain balance and do pull ups.

Tips for Beginners

Take your time when using these machines. It is best to get a personal trainer or develop your workout routine and incorporate these. Start with a set and a few reps and then work your way up slowly.

Learn how to use each machine before adding more reps and sets. It is important that you assume the right approach to gain maximum benefits and avoid injury. Do that and you will get the results you are looking for.


Working out is the best way to get in shape, burn fat and add muscle. But it’s only going to work if you’re using the right equipment. With the exercise machines list above you can’t go wrong.

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