8 Tests to Assess Your Fitness Level

8 Tests to Assess Your Fitness Level

So you’ve been going to Lucille Roberts but don’t really “see” improvements in your body?

If you’re looking to evaluate your fitness level, these “tests” will challenge various aspects of your fitness and help you determine where you are in terms of strength, endurance, flexibility, and power.

Designed by fitness experts Hudson and Brandon White, popularly known as the Buff Dudes, these tests are intended to be achievable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Balance – “The Old Man Test”

Challenge your balance by setting a timer and attempting to put on your socks and shoes while standing on one foot without touching the floor. Repeat the process for the other foot. This test evaluates your stability and control.

Crawling – “Bear Crawl Water Bottle Test”

Perform a bear crawl while balancing a water bottle on your back. Fill the bottle to 90% capacity with water to create an imbalance. Crawl for a distance of 20 yards (60 feet) while keeping your knees off the floor and maintaining a straight back. If the water bottle falls off, your test is complete. This test assesses your coordination, core strength, and body control.

Climbing – “Dead Hang for Time Test”

Hang from a pull-up bar and hold on for as long as possible. Use a timer to track your endurance in this test. The focus here is on your ability to endure and maintain your grip strength.

Jumping – “Stationary Box Jump Test”

Choose a suitable platform for your fitness level and safely attempt a stationary box jump. Begin with a slight squat, utilizing your arms to generate momentum and jump as high as you can. This test evaluates your explosive power and lower-body strength.

Lifting – “Trap Bar Deadlift Test”

Perform the trap bar deadlift correctly and safely to determine how much weight you can lift. It’s crucial to prioritize form and technique over weight. Maintain a stable and tight posture throughout the lift. This test measures your strength and technique in a compound exercise.

Carrying – “Dead Weight Carrying Test”

For this test, either perform a fireman’s carry with a partner for as long and far as possible or, if alone, simulate the test with an atlas stone shoulder carry. Carrying weight is a fundamental movement pattern and essential for various activities. This test assesses your strength and muscular endurance.

Running – “The Beep Test”

Using a timer, complete the beep test to assess your cardiovascular fitness. Run back and forth between two points, covering a distance of 20 yards each way. The duration of each run is determined by the beeps, which progressively shorten. Continue until you can no longer keep up with the beeps. Running is an essential movement for most individuals, and this test evaluates your aerobic capacity.

Squats – “Bodyweight Squat Test”

Complete 50 bodyweight squats with proper form. Position your feet comfortably, pointing slightly outward. Push your hips back and squat down while maintaining a flat back. Even if you need to reduce the range of motion, focus on keeping your back flat. Squatting is a vital movement for daily activities and overall health, and this test measures your lower-body strength and mobility.

Fitness is a journey, and improvement comes with consistent effort and dedication. Challenge yourself and strive for progress but also don’t forget to have fun!

Here’s how to do the Trap Bar Deadlift correctly:

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