Why Morning Workouts Are The Bomb

We have all been there – the alarm rings at 6 a.m. and you’re forcing yourself to get up and head to the nearest World Gym for your morning workout. Not everybody is Miss Sunshine and Miss Up and Ready to Go in the mornings, after all, and we certainly understand your predicament.  

But before you burrow yourself deeper into your sheets, here are multiple reasons why you should get up and do your morning workout. Trust us, you will be better for it!  

Boost Your Mood

Exercise pumps feel-good hormones into your bloodstream, even when it’s something as simple as a 5-minute dynamic stretching routine. With the blood coursing more vigorously through your veins, you will be more than ready to face the challenges of your day – and with a more positive attitude, too!

You will also observe better mental clarity and emotional stability after you exercise in the morning.  You can get to work with more innovative solutions to issues that have remained unsolved since the day before, and it these still remain, there’s still tomorrow. You don’t have to be Grouchy every day.  

Boost Your Testosterone

Men, you have more reason to exercise in the morning because it’s the time of day when your testosterone levels are at their peak. Your body replenished its testosterone levels while you were sleeping and, thus, you weren’t using the hormone for physical activities.

What does this mean? Well, you can benefit from it through improved sex drive, mood, and memory as well as increased muscle mass and bone density. Your body will also be more efficient in the mornings because of the elevated testosterone levels.

Women, don’t be envious as you also have testosterone in your bodies albeit at a significantly smaller amount than in men. You can also take advantage of the testosterone peak through improved cognitive functioning, just as in men.  

Boost Your Metabolism

Of course, exercising at any time during the day or night will increase your metabolic rate and result in post-workout calorie burning, known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. But we want to make a case for morning workouts.

In a research conducted by the Brigham Young University, people who engage in morning workouts are generally more active throughout the day, as well as burn more calories (i.e., 190 calories more), compared to people who skipped their morning exercises.  Over time, the extra 190 calories will add up to your fitness goals, especially when you’re on a weight loss program.

So, the next time you’re tempted to hit the snooze button, remember these benefits, get out of bed, and start your day with gym exercises!  

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