Top Reasons for Morning Workouts

Top Reasons for Morning Workouts

What time of the day should you work out? Actually, there’s no universal right or wrong answer for this question. It’s all up to you and your particular circumstances. The best time for you is that particular time that lets you do your workouts regularly and consistently.

But if you have a fairly flexible schedule and you have a choice, then you might want to consider doing your workouts early in the morning. Here are some advantages of morning workouts:

It’s Cooler in the Morning

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of working out early in the morning. It’s simply cooler at this time of day, compared to the hours between 10am to 3pm.

You’ll basically feel more comfortable as you sweat when it’s cooler. Of course, this won’t really matter if you regularly go to an airconditioned gym like 24 Hour Fitness. But if you prefer to run outdoors, this matters a lot.

Reduced Distractions

How often have you been disturbed when you were working out later in the day? Perhaps you get lots of emails, text messages, and phone calls in the later hours of the morning and afternoon. Or maybe you keep remembering various tasks you need to do for the day, so you can’t focus on your workout.

But when you work out early enough in the morning, you’re less likely to get interrupted with messages from other people. You can even forget more easily about what you need to do for the day, at least when it’s about your work or your chores. You can just remember that you need to do your workout.

You’re More Alert

Your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which some people refer to as a the “stress hormone”. But the fact is that having cortisol in your system isn’t technically a problem. It’s only a problem when you have too high levels of cortisol (leaving you stressed out) or too low levels (making you feel a bit lethargic).

Normally, your body produces more cortisol in the mornings, to help you feel more alert. Then your cortisol levels naturally drop in the evening.

Your natural peak level of cortisol is usually at 8am or so. And that’s an ideal time to get your workout in.

You’re More Energetic for the Rest of the Day

It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise is actually exhilarating. It reduces fatigue and enhances overall energy. That’s because the workout sends lots of nutrients and oxygen to you heart and lungs, improving your endurance and overall cardiovascular health for the rest of the day.

Improved Focus for the Rest of the Day

Your morning workouts don’t just wake up your body. They also wake up your mind. If you’re usually having a bit of trouble maintaining your concentration during regular work hours, an early morning workout might help.

Various studies have found that morning workouts can result in improved cognition for the rest of the day. Your attention improves, your visual learning gets better, and you’re more able to concentrate.

Improved Mood

Aside from your body and mind, your mood gets better as well following a morning workout. Your brain produces endorphins (the “feel-good” neurotransmitters) that help to make you feel somewhat euphoric (the “runner’s high”) and less likely to be troubled by anxious thoughts.

In addition, completing a workout in the morning gives you a nice sense of accomplishment, so you get a more positive outlook for the rest of the day.


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