Morning Or Evening: Which Time Is The Best?

Regular physical exercise has numerous benefits. But when’s the best time to exercise – in the morning when you’re all set to go or in the evening when you’re winding down? The answer: Whatever time works best for you!

Find Your Rhythm

Ever heard of circadian rhythm? Basically, it’s your body’s internal clock that determines the daily wake and sleep cycle and, in turn, regulates the physical and mental changes during a 24-hour period. Think of the circadian rhythm as the central control that dictates when your body demands activity and sleep in turns.  

As such, your body’s physiological processes including temperature, metabolism, and blood pressure are also influenced by your internal clock. These processes, furthermore, respond to external stimuli like light and dark environments, ambient temperature, and the timing of meals, exercise and even sex.

The bottom line: As much as your internal clock sets your body’s rhythms automatically, you also have a hand in setting and resetting them. Once you find your own unique rhythms, you will be able to determine whether morning or evening exercise will work best for you.  

Get Your Groove On

Obviously, if you’re a morning person, then working out in the morning is your best option. You should ideally exercise before starting your day at the office or in the home, such as immediately after eating a healthy breakfast, a good way to set yourself for success.

You may, however, exercise whenever your schedule allows in the morning for as long as you get it into your schedule. Keep in mind, however, that it can result in an inconsistent schedule that can possibly lead to discontinuance.  

If you’re a night owl, you will find that an intense workout at 24 Hour Fitness will allow your mind and body to wind down from a day’s work. You can either work out in the late afternoon or early evening, a time when moderate to intense exercise can relieve stress.  

Afternoon and evening workouts are also recommended for people who feel more alert during these times.  Plus, the muscles and joints are already warmed up, so to speak, from the day’s activities including walking around the office so it’s easier to get your groove on.  

In the end, you have to consider several factors when deciding whether to exercise in the morning or the evening. These factors include your lifestyle, schedule and personal preference but whatever time you choose, you should be able to make physical exercise a consistent and regular part of your life.  

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