What Newbies Need to Learn About Gym Etiquette

What Newbies Need to Learn About Gym Etiquette

When you’re a newbie, navigating a large gym like Snap Fitness can be terrifying. There are so many equipment and machines, which one should you start with? Is there a rule as to who gets to use them first? Can you change the TV channel? How long should you be using the treadmill?

To help you be more confident at the gym, you need to know the basic etiquette and guidelines.

Rule #1: Put things back after use.

If you use something, be sure to put it back where it belongs. Don’t leave them on the floor for someone else to pick up.

Rule #2: Be considerate when using gym equipment.

This is particularly true for popular equipment like bench press racks and squat racks. Use it only when you’re going to actually use them in your workout. As soon as you’re done, put them back promptly so others can use them as well.

Rule #3: Wipe down before and after use.

The machine or equipment you use will be sweaty so be sure to wipe things down.

Rule #4: Respect everyone’s personal space.

It can get crowded in gyms but you need to make an effort to give other gym-goers their own personal space. That means don’t work out too close to someone else.

Rule #5: Communicate politely.

If you need space to do your kettlebell swing, politely tell the person next to you what you’ll be doing so they can move a bit farther.

Rule #6: Bring your own sanitary wipes.

Gyms have their own supply of towels and wipes but they’re not always available. To make sure you don’t have to use your own towel to wipe other people’s sweat, bring disposable wipes instead.

Rule #7: Be more aware of your surroundings.

The gym can be a dangerous place so assess your surroundings and make sure you have enough space to do your workouts (or for others to do theirs) to avoid getting hit by weights, bars, and other equipment.

Rule #8: Respect people’s time.

It’s nice to be friendly to others but most people at the gym prefer minding their own business. You can start a conversation but be mindful of their body language as they might be in a hurry to finish their workouts.

Rule #9: Don’t talk too loud.

It’s OK to take calls while working out but make sure you don’t bother anyone. Keep your voice low and the conversation short. If it’s a long call, step out of the gym.

Rule #10: Limit those selfies.

There’s nothing wrong with taking selfies at the gym. Sure, you’re doing it to keep track of your progress. But the general rule of thumb is, you should not infringe on other people’s workout experience at the gym. So take photos where other people aren’t around or perhaps keep it to changing rooms only.

On top of these 10 rules I’d like to add a few personal notes. One is to stop making excessive noises (ie. loud grunts and screams) so as not to bring attention to yourself, and also to not distract others. It also helps to offer a helping hand to someone who may need assistance in operating an equipment and no staff is around. At the same time, if you are in a position to offer useful advice, don’t hesitate to do so. These things are always appreciated.

Let me share some of the annoying things people do at the gym with this video:

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