How to Choose a Gym Towel

Whether you’re availing of the Bay Club guest pass or have been a member for years, you know how important it is to have towels. You use one to wipe sweat off you and another to clean the machine once you’re done using it. But how do you pick out the one towel that is right for your workouts?

Buying towels is easy, and gyms have them too. But you’ll want to mull over the following before making that purchase.


The most ideal material for gym towels is cotton as the fibers are very absorbent and dry quickly. If you spend a lot of time in the gym then you’ll appreciate the fact that cotton dries quickly, is easy to clean and dries right away.

Cotton is also long lasting so it’s an ideal towel. But it is not the only option as you can also go for cotton / polyester blend, microfiber or linen. There are also synthetic types available.

Absorbing Power

Pick a towel that has good absorbing power so sweat comes off quickly. The more loops a towel has the more efficient it is in absorbing sweat. But you need to strike a balance and make sure that it isn’t as thick as your bathroom towel.

Thick towels are susceptible to water retention, and that extra weight will be felt in your gym bag. When washing gym towels, don’t use harsh cleaning detergents or chemicals as it could damage the fabric.

Size and Weight

Towel weight is determined by fabric density. The thinner the towel the lighter the density. You don’t need the towel to be so light it is flimsy, but you don’t want it too heavy it is hard to wash. Think of the size and weight carefully when you’re packing your gym equipment.


Fiber length indicates how soft the towel will be. This also tells you how absorbent the material is. Long fibers make for soft towels, but they are not very absorbent. Standard length fibers is suitable for gym workouts, and make sure that it is soft and gentle if you have sensitive skin. This is important as you’ll be wiping your face with it.


We should never take towels for granted as they’re essential for hygienic purposes. And as we have shown here, you’ll want to make sure you pick only the best types of material to get rid of sweat easily.

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