Tips On Getting The Best Pilates Experience Every Time

Pilates is a physical and mental discipline that provides a wide range of benefits, from a stronger core to a better mindset, which have an impact on daily life. Indeed, you will come out of your Pilates workout at YogaWorks with a better body and in a better mood than when you came in!

But you need to do your part, too, so that you will get the best Pilates experience every time. You can’t leave everything to the instructor because, in the end, Pilates teaches its practitioners the ways to enjoy greater control over their minds and bodies.

Arrive on Time

This isn’t just about respect for others but, more importantly, getting the full benefit from performing the Pilates sequence from start to end. If you come late to class, you will miss out on the warm-up and subsequent movements, and your instructor will not put you through the paces again as it will interrupt the flow otherwise.

But if you’re going to miss a class, be sure to call the studio at least a day before the scheduled time, if possible.

You should neither intrude on a class nor become a distraction to the others. Again, respect is key here. If you’re early for your class, just wait in the lounge instead of doing your warm-up or getting on an empty carriage while a class is going on in the same room.

Communicate with Your Instructor

If you’re a first-timer, you may want to ask your instructor about the Pilates class – what to expect, what exercises will be done, and what safety tips to remember, among others. You will then be able to discuss your concerns, especially if you have an underlying medical condition, experience back pain, or underwent surgery, before proceeding to class.

Even when you have been in a few or several classes, you should let your instructor know about these matters. You don’t have to wait for the instructor to ask the class if there’s anything odd or special going on – you can tell him or her, especially if it involves changes in your body’s reactions to certain movements.

You should ideally wait for the class to finish before discussing these matters so as not to interrupt the flow of the class. But if you’re feeling pain in any part of your body during a class, you can stop so as to prevent further injuries.  You may also ask your instructor for a modification – after class, obviously – in case a movement or position doesn’t feel right.

And always remember to keep your focus on the movements. Turn off your phone or set it to silent, listen to the instructor’s cues, and stop chatting with your classmates during the class.

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