How to Enjoy Your Warm-Ups

One of the first things that any gym instructor will teach you is to never, ever forget to warm-up. Experts say a five-minute warm-up can prevent injury aside from making it easier for you to exercise. But the problem with warm-ups is that they can get pretty boring. And apart from that, there will always be times when you are in a hurry to finish your time in the gym that you have no recourse but to skip the warm-ups and proceed to the exercises.

The key to warm-ups is enjoying them. Boredom can get in the way of this important routine, so the best way not to get bored is to try new warm-up exercises. Here are some of the warm-up exercises you can try the next time you hit the gym like Equinox or 24 Hour Fitness.

Kneeling Extension-Rotation

Kneeling-Extension-Rotation-GymMembershipFeesKneel on your knees and hands, keeping your back and arm straight.  Put the right hand on your nape. Now slowly turn your shoulders to the left until the right elbow directs inward. After that, reverse the move by raising the right elbow and pointing it towards the ceiling and turning your head as far to the right as possible. Repeat this eight times, and then do the routine on the left side.

Stork Fly

Stork-Fly-GymMembershipFeesStand up straight with the arms extended at the sides and the palms facing up. Raise the left knee with the thigh nearly parallel to the floor. Sustain this position for 10 to 15 seconds. Now lift the left knee and bend the torso forward. The left leg should be extended at the back, and the arms raised overhead.

The torso, arms and left leg should all be parallel to the floor. This should be sustained for 10 to 15 seconds before returning to the original position. Then do this on the right leg and repeat. This exercise will improve your balance, strength and core stability.

Hip Raises

Hip-Raises-GymMembershipFeesLie flat on your back with the knees bent at 90 degrees. The feet should be kept flat on the floor. Then place the arms to your sides at 45 degrees with the palms facing up. This will be your starting position.

Now raise your hips until the body seems to form a perpendicular line from the shoulders all the way to the knees. Then raise your right arm and shoulder as if you are reaching for the ceiling, and touch the floor behind your left shoulder by extending across your torso. That makes for one repetition. Do this eight times and then repeat with the left arm.

Knee Lift to Walking Lunge

Knee-Lift-Walking-Lunge-GymMembershipFeesWhile standing with the arms at the sides, raise the left knee and hold on to your kneecap using both hands. Bring in your thigh near your chest.  After releasing it, take a step forward using the left leg and then drop your body into a lunge. Hold on for a second then go back to the standing position by bringing back your left foot near the right foot. Do this on the other leg to complete one repetition.


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