Three Reasons Why Protein Shake Might Not Be Right for You

Protein shakes is a hot topic in the world of bodybuilding. Some people strongly believe that these products truly help in the faster development of their muscles, while others prefer to go for the more natural route. So before you try that new supplement, take a deeper look at what it may possibly do to you, to make sure you’re making the right decision.


They are dietary supplements that are used by people involved in athletics, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. Some of the popular products include protein, vitamins, glutamine, essential fatty acids, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), meal replacement goods, testosterone boosters, and weight loss pills. Many of them are offered to the public, although a big percentage are marketed depending on the body types, and whether the user would want to gain weight or improve their athletic performance, among others.

According to consumer reports, the sale of these items in the US alone reaches almost $3 billion every year. This can be attributed to the companies sponsoring famous athletes, who in turn inspire their fans to be like them. If people see their idol promote a certain brand, for example, it is likely that they will be enthused to try those as well.  In this regard, the government, as well as sports and medical specialists strive to get a deeper understanding of what is being sold to the public.


Mislabeled Products. Studies have shown that the claims of dietary supplements are about 90% incorrect. Although a lot of their statements are scientifically derived from biochemical and physiological processes, they are often presented in a way to support the lore in the industry to provide a better marketing strategy. These statements, in turn, do not reflect the true meaning of the scientific words that they use.

Furthermore, tests revealed that the ingredients listed in the containers could not be found in the contents. Reports have shown that unsafe levels of cadmium, arsenic, mercury, steroids, and lead have been found in several brands. An example would be ‘Craze,’ a best-seller that was sold in Amazon and Walmart (among others), but was later found out to contain amphetamine-like compounds that were not disclosed in the label.

Harmful Effects. If you check the reports from the US Food and Drug Administration, you will learn that each year, about 50,000 cases of health problems reported are linked to dietary supplements that are mostly used by bodybuilders. Some people have reported to stop taking the powders and the capsules, after they experienced faster heart rates, irritability, as well as other side effects.

Liver damage has been determined to be one of the major side effects of these products. Patients had to undergo expensive treatments, or liver transplants, and in some cases, the patients died. Maybe you haven’t met anyone who had this kind of problem, but if you check the internet, you’ll see the names of famous bodybuilders who have surrendered to this disease.

These men wanted to achieve the ultimate physique, from the bulging muscles to the zero-fat bodies. They wanted to bulk up, look like superheroes, and serve as inspiration to other people. However, with the combination of supplements, steroids, junk food, and energy drinks, they ended up having tragic deaths. Some of these men who died of liver failure, heart disease, or cancer included Dean Wharmby, Anthony D’Arezzo, Steve Michalik, Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian, and Oli Cooney.

Ineffectiveness. Aside from being possibly harmful, some people claim that there is little indication that these products deliver the benefits that they promise. There are no hard evidences to show that a person in an effective gym training will gain more muscle if he or she intakes amino acid capsules, for example.


Companies claim that drug abuse and unhealthy living caused the sickness of the bodybuilders, and not the use of the items they sell. The advice is to use them in moderation, as too much of anything can be dangerous. But if you think you’d like to take the natural route instead, there are many food products that are great sources of protein, energy, and vitamins and minerals.

Visit your local grocery store and load your cart with the following: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, milk, soy milk, steak, ground beef, pork chops, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, yellowfin tuna, halibut, octopus, sockeye salmon, tilapia, anchovies, corned beef, light tuna, sardines, navy beans, nuts, dried lentils, and many more.

Aside from eating healthy, you should also consider getting the right training for your body type. Visit the nearest Snap Fitness in your area and get the correct training that your body needs.

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